Bake your own House Husband!! *Cookie Cutter Review*

You can never have too many men around the house, especially sweet ones eh?!

Well, upon being offered the chance to review a House Husband Cookie Cutter, I certainly couldn't say no!

Carson had a right old laugh at me wanting to cook some hubby's up, judgemental chap that he is, until I pointed out that the cookie cutter also looks like a superhero. Suddenly, I'm not allowed this one item to myself anymore!

So today, Easter Saturday, Carson and I decided to whizz up a storm in the kitchen for some mighty fulfillingly tasty super treats!

What you need:
> 150g Butter
> 100g Sugar
> 300g Plain Four
> 1 egg
> Pinch salt
> Vanilla Extract
> We smashed some smarties up to pop in the cookies too! You could choose fruit, nuts, whatever you want your hunk to be full of!
> Bake your own House Husband cookie cutter, available at just £3.60 from Amazon here!

Smashed smarties and choc egg was our cookie flavour of choice!

The packaging comes complete with cookie recipe on the back so if you know me at all by now, you'll know that I don't bake all that often but really want to get in to it more during maternity leave. Oh to be a homely home bird!

I won't give the full recipe away on here as it's half the fun of the product, but I can tell you that it was simple to follow and gives enough quantity to make approx 10 Hubby's. Perfect for hen nights perhaps!

Niion is the company behind this product. They aspire to have fun with their products, keeping them a little different to everything else that's already out there. I would say this product does just that.

I would actually make one suggestion, in that they could offer this product in a variety of different packaging styles. For example aimed at kids, like Carson, Bake your own Superhero's.

I know that the product is exactly the same but packaged this way as an alternative means that they can be purchased for even more occasions.

What do you think?

Why not connect with Niion on Facebook or Twitter and let them know your thoughts? 
They've love to hear, I'm sure!


  1. These look fab and exactly the kind of man Iv wouldn't mind having around the house! Great review

    1. hahaha!! they are perfect aren't they! (if a little overcooked... I will improve I'm sure!) xx

  2. They look really cool does he wash up ;)

  3. Love this, thanks for thr review, w I'm sure that will be great therapyhen I get annoyed with the huby I can bake him and eat him

  4. The super hero biscuit is fabulous. What fun cookie cutters! Imagine making loads for the school bake sale - they'd go really quickly.


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