The final stretch! Contains #TMI


Uh Urgh.


That pretty much sums it up right now @ 37 weeks and 2 days.

I've been losing my plug for the last week, and only just discovered that it regenerates (what?!) so is unlikely to stop globbin' out now until birth - or at least until it comes out in its' entirity, very near birth.

Yup... Classy, as ever.

Had my final growth scan yesterday, baby currently weighs around 7lb and is lying very low down (sonographer advised that this is a good sign - yiss!) and asked if I was feeling the difference in pressure.

It feels like something's trying to escape, on a daily basis, using hammers and electrodes, thanks very much!

It was pointed out that baby has hair - It looked like a little fuzz ball, honestly, like wire wool.

Defo made it feel real. Not that the pain and jabbing and dripping and general grossness hasn't already made it feel real. You know what I mean.

Had a small trace of protein in my urine - which we all know is a classic sign of pre-eclampsia, but luckily, my swelling hasn't been too bad and my vision along with BP is fine. So the Doc advised me to 'maybe get my BP checked again in a few days' - clearly no great worry going on here.

Which is good!

With Carson, I was under house arrest towards the end with a possible pre-eclampsia scare - had a midwife coming to check my BP and wee every 4 hours over a period of 2 days before she was satisfied that I should just rest to keep edema and high BP to a minimum. Cannot be doing with that again, not with a 5yo still on Easter hols for another week!

I'm allowed a sweep at 39 weeks, the doc said. So fingers crossed I won't be going over this time round!

A sweep was very beneficial for me last time actually. Had it at 11am when I was 2 days over and my contractions started at 4.37am the next morning. I know that time is specific, given that it was nearly 6 years ago. But the difference between a Braxton Hicks and an ACTUAL contraction was a mega shock. Woke me up and I knew straight away... THIS is it!

Sadly, it went on for 23 bloomin' hours.


Uh Urgghhhh.


Oh... and if you're unsure of what pre-eclampsia is... please do visit - it's super important that all mums-to-be know what this is!!

Nuuurrrgggghhhhhhhhhh pleeeuuurrrrhhhhhhh bleurgh nurh *hmph*


  1. Awh I remember that stage! I also thought the minute my first contraction came that this was it... 31 hours later he arrived, how very naive I was! I hope you have a happy and safe birth and congratulations on your impending bundle of joy :)

    Fiona @

  2. Best of luck, hope it all goes smoothly for you :-)

  3. I hope you have your lovely little baby soon, it's so frustrating towards the end and really does seem to take forever. I went from having my first baby 10 weeks early and being scbu to my next 5 babies all being about 2 weeks late. I wonder if this 7th baby will actually be a bit closer to the due date! #sharewithme

  4. Ahhh I hope you have your little bundle of joy soon. It's never easy or nice to be in that incomfortable stage for too long. I am so very excited for you and your new addition though. So worth it in the end. lol As you know. It's weird how different two births can be. I was 2 weeks late with my son and 3 weeks early with my daughter both born the exact height and weight. Best of luck my lovely thank you for inking up to Share WIth Me. I love your post look forward to reading about your new addition too. #sharewithme

  5. Oh how you take me back! I had no plug and no sweeps with my first and he was five days early. Second, two (possibly three?!) sweeps and he was two days late! Just such a relief to give birth by that point though! Good luck and I hope you have a lovely birth experience. X #sharewithme

  6. Oooh, exciting times. Good luck for the next couple of weeks and baby will be here before you know it xx

  7. I was induced with little J took the excitement out of it really.

  8. How exciting! And you overshare too! We are twins!!! I soooo know how you are feeling...having gone thru the same just 6 months ago (for the second time too). I was SO excited when i saw my plug coming away! It was a sign that she was on her way...she arrived 2 days later and i was plug plug plugging away that whole time. Maybe it will be SOOOON?! Fingers crossed for you Jo! :)

  9. ooops meant to put #sharewithme ....which is how i came across this post! ;)

  10. Not long now :) Exciting times. I'm so pleased I missed out on all the labour pains, plug etc x

  11. I really didnt experience this stage as baby went out a month early. I was knocked down with some meds and when I woke up my tummy is smaller and the baby is out. Cried the first time I saw him. #sharewithme

  12. I was 11 days late with my first, had no signs he was on his way, not one! Most frustrating 11 days ever :) Hope all goes well, look forward to reading about your new arrival :) #sharewithme

  13. I didn't get anywhere near this stage at all! But I cannot wait to meet him xx

  14. I had pre-eclamsia suddenly at 37 weeks with my first and was induced early, with my second I had a scare at 33 weeks which ended up being high bp and odema with daily checks until i was induced at 39 weeks so I know where you are coming from. hopefullt everything will be smooth for you #sharewithme


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