Furniture Choice - Out with the old, in with the new!

Furniture Choice have a competition at the moment to win a much needed piece of furniture from their vast range of furniture solutions.

I'm writing this post as my entry, as I REEEEAAALLLLYYYYY want a dining room table and chairs!!

My dining room!

I decorated the dining room last year (papered myself and everything I was so proud!), but I did not get to upgrade my table & chairs. I simply did not have the funds to finish off my room *sobs quietly* In fact, I never will have the funds now, if I'm honest. Especially now being on maternity leave.

The current dining set I have was one that someone was throwing away due to the surface scratches and burn marks. I ALWAYS make the most of what I do have, and I currently utilise a runner and place mats to hide these marks. It kind of wobbles at one corner too because the rubber stopper on a leg is broken!

Oh, how I would LOVE to finish my room off with this....

Stockholm & Perth Dining Set (Purple)

The beautifully fitting... 

I'd only want the 4 chairs - I'm not greedy! - so this prize would be the equivalent to £499.99. So reasonable for such a great quality and rather swish looking set - It would look perfect in my room wouldn't it?
The table would be much more sturdy and safe, especially with the baby due any day now, and as for those chairs... looking very ergonomically friendly with a bit of cushion in 'em - perfect in the run up to birth, with my SPD. I haven't been able to eat at my dining table for a good few months due to the discomfort it causes me. After birth too, they would be a godsend.

I would buzz my left breast off, and most probably burst a few peoples eardums if I win this. I guess I can only live in hope and cross my fingers super super tight. I HOPE that I can bring you another post shortly with a new picture of my dining room :-)

.... And if I don't win, I am fully open to receiving donations towards just the chairs *hehehe!*

Perth Purple Leather Dining Chair
Super swish!


  1. I love your dining room, I am trying to upgrade mine.

  2. Love the purple colour - I always think purple looks regal and posh! My house is very pink and girls which me and my two little girls love but my boys aren't so keen lol! I bought a new glass dining table last year and I regret it as the fingermarks drive me nuts!


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