What are Braxton Hicks?

My first pregnancy - I didn't understand what they were. I mean, I read about them and stuff but as far as knowing when I was experiencing them goes... I was pretty clueless. When I thought I was feeling them, I could never be sure. Could have been wind for all I knew!

Commonly explained as practice contractions, these sensations are like a tightening of your tummy muscles.

Often I think it's baby doing a complex roll of some sort, until it becomes just a tad more uncomforatble than normal and lasts a good 30 seconds to 1 minute, on occasion.

Pulling strange faces are inevitable and vocal 'Ooo's' and 'Ohhh's' are likely to involuntarily escape so be prepared for strangers looking at you funnily ... or your partner panicking for a minute (there is some pleasure out of Braxton Hicks!)

You're not going in to labour. But if they approach the minute mark and continue to get tighter, they can make your eyes water a little and you are on the cusp of a 'THAT was real!' - just keep calm and breathe through it.

For me, there are 3 stages.

1. The 'Ummmmm' 
 "This is tight.. this is a bit weird.. Ummmm"
2. The 'Okaaaay' 
 "Seriously, I'm inwardly panicking - I'm making strange noises - My eyes are watering a little"
3. The 'N'uh'
"Panic over, but I feel a bit sad now. That was an effort to get through with dignity. God help me in real labour!"

Here is a handy infographic depicting the 3 stages of a Braxton Hick's contraction... enjoy!

what are braxton hicks, what do braxton hicks feel like, infographic

Anything to add? Have I missed anything?!

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  1. I can't remember having these before I had my son but know the majority of women do. Love the face pulling :D Great explanation of what it is, some women get confused and think it's labour starting but when it really starts - oh my you won't mistake it lol

  2. haha. love your faces! I've never had a baby so I wouldn't know if you've missed anything but this post made me smile. :)
    The Life of Leeshastarr

  3. Haha, that's hilarious! 23 weeks with my 2nd and only just experiencing them.. never did with my first :)

  4. LOL! Your faces are awesome! I've had two children and I didn't get Braxton Hicks with either of them "/

    Louise x

    Confessions of a Secret Shopper | An Undomestic Goddess

  5. I didn't have any with my first but I sure did with the second. I would have to freeze, literally couldn't move until they had gone! #sharewithme

  6. hahahah I really can't stop laughing right now. Mr P just gave me the what's up with you look too! hahahaah Love this. Your pictures are perfect for it too. ;) Thank you so much for linking this up to Share With Me. Sorry you are experiencing Braxton Hicks never comfortable or easy. I had them with both of mine. Worse with my second baby. At first I had no idea what was going on but add to that SPD it was a killer. #sharewithme

  7. Thankfully, I never had Braxton Hicks with any of mine! Love the photos :) #ShareWithMe

  8. Loved reading this and the photos were an awesome accompaniment!!! Great post #sharewithme

  9. Lucas says - I don't really understand what you're on about but I look like this when the Mother says I can't have any more Haribo which Daddy says I can't say is about as painful as having a baby!!!!! #sharewithme

  10. HAHAHA your faces made me giggle! I feel very lucky to never have Braxton Hicks #BabyBabble

  11. I think I had them, but I was never sure! I had so many aches and pains it was almost impossible to tell what was what! x

  12. Ha the pic did make me laugh! Have to say though, I've never experienced them in either of my pregnancies - strange that some people do and some people don't x #BabyBabble

  13. Haha, those pictures are brilliant. Never really had many braxton hicks when I was pregnant - had a few around the late twenty weeks mark but then nothing until the real thing. x #babybabble

  14. i still not sure if i had them) i think i did early in pregnancy but not so sure)

  15. I love this post! My hubby really does panic when I get a 'Ooooohwah' sort of one haha Think I'll be best off going into labour when he's not home so when he gets back he knows it's the real thing! #BabyBabble xx


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