Letterbox Love!! *Review* Mr Big Tops

You're looking for something sweet and cheerful for that someone who lives a little distance away from you, but you cannot be bothered with the buying, wrapping, Post Office queues (or prices for that matter) etc. It also must be cost effective! What do you do?

Put some real thought into a gift by knowing your recipients favourite retro sweeties! Yup. That's right, you can do that!

And you can do it as a one off for just £3.95 per box with FREE DELIVERY, or via a subscription service if you're loved one deserves a treat on a regular basis.

Mr Big Tops - The Fantastical Travelling Sweet Box Invention.

Mr Big Tops (www.mrbigtops.com) kindly sent me one of their boxes in order to review my experience. 

The boxes arrive via your letter box, bulging with 6 varieties of sweets. With over 60 sweets from memory lane to choose from, there are bound to be faves amongst them: black jacks, aniseed balls, coconut mushrooms, white mice - the list goes on.You can choose your own contents or give Mr Big Tops a whole host of 'thumbs up' on their range, and then leave the selection process to them - meaning you've got an extra surprise to look forward to! 

Easy to open, like an advent calendar!

Ours arrived, and the box was crammed. No shaking around to guess what was in there, it was far too full. This, in itself, is a bonus. When the postie dropped it through the letter box, we jumped out of our skin with the thud it made. But on opening, not a single sweet was damaged as they're safely tucked under the windowed area.

My sweets received were the following:
White Mice (larger sized ones) 
Red Liquorice Laces 
Flying Saucers
Drumstick Lollipops
Cola Bottles
Large Jelly Snake 
Oh... and a packet of popping candy Fizz Wizz for good measure!

Whether this be for your young niece or nephew that you hardly ever see but send a fiver in a card for their birthday every year, (Come on! We all had one of those relatives!!) or be it for your mum this Mother's Day, giving her a trip down memory lane...

The contents, the packaging, the delivery, the thought behind choosing the box as a gift itself, it all quite simply surpasses it's £3.95 price tag in my opinion. 10/10 - big hit here!!

Mr Big Tops welcomes ideas as they're always looking to add new faves to their range, you can email them at: favourites@mrbigtops.com

My personal fave as a child - Mojos! Mmmm, do you remember them?  
Is there a retro sweet that you've not seen for years? 


  1. I love this idea, how very funky and unique! Great post!

  2. oooh now its sweets and you cant go wrong with sweets x

  3. wow this sounds like a super treat. A nice idea to send sweets by post.

  4. Ooh what a great idea and the price is really good, great for a treat for young family members who live far away. I love Popping Candy.

  5. I love this! Think I will go order one for livs birthday. Such a fantastic price too

  6. That looks great! What a really good idea. It's easy to spend as much on postage as it is a gift sometimes!

  7. Pam Francis Gregory11 March 2014 at 11:54

    What a great idea - This looks lovely!

  8. Great idea - I never knew about this! Thanks

  9. I love this - and I can't believe I have found somewhere to buy choc bananas. Have bookmarked Mr Big Tops for my future purchases :)

  10. How much of a bargain are these. Brilliant present idea for my OH as we often talk about the nostalgia of sweeties from our childhood.

  11. I love it, when I bought last time my daughter eat it in half an hour


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