The element of surprise...

We have a name chosen for bump that I want to keep secret until he is born. There are a couple of people who don't quite 'get' why I would keep it a secret and think I'm being weird! (Yes, bro, I'm talking to you!).

Well, listen up...

I, personally, didn't want to know what I was cookin' in this here bump o'mine, but Carson and his daddy were really really REALLY excited and I guess the majority vote won. I'm a fair player like that you see.

Given that I plan on no more kids after this one, what's left to surprise people with now?

My brother has been on at me all evening to 'just tell me' and that it's not a surprise to me so it ain't the same as finding our what sex it is. There are others who get a little perturbed, even offended, that we won't share the baby's name with them too.

Sorry, but, tough!!

What happened to the grand introduction of a child?

I remember when Carson was born - he was gender discovered and pre-named beforehand so it was a case of 'he's here'. OK, so there is the birth time and weight to announce but, let's face it, big deal! Other than the partaking of a sweepstakes beforehand, why is this relevant 'news' to anyone?

I want to be able to introduce my second child to the world and his wife - that's the last element of surprise for everyone as far as this baby is concerned.

There are, in fact, 2 people who know.

One is my cousin, who had her baby on 1st March - and that is because Carson wrote it down, shown her, then said he wasn't naughty because we told him not to *tell* her. ( Talk about being literal son! )

The other is my youngest sister who has an idea of what we were thinking but not the final decision. And this was only because she had discovered she was pregnant and was stressing that we might have 'her name' for our bump LOL.

Not my best friend... not even my own or A's Mum knows.. and no-one else will know either. I refuse to play digital hangman with the name of my unborn child. No asking for numbers of letters and what it begins with etc - I aint spilling my beans :-) Just give us that little thing to surprise you all with eh...

Did anyone else have a similar experience?


  1. My annoying midwife spilt the beans to me when i did not want to know. Grrrrrrr. Stick t0 your guns.

  2. Thanks for the comment hun :-)

  3. I think it's totally up to you if you want to tell people or not. I would want to know names, ha. My brothers always every very open about names they were thinking of. But it's your choice so tell tell them to stop peer pressuring you!

    Corinne x

    1. I'd want to know the names if I was my bro and he was me too haha! But I've done so well and there is only 7wks left so im keeping schtum! X

  4. It's totally your choice, we'd named our daughter and called her by her name, rather than 'bump' or 'bean' or whatever, from maybe 34 weeks or so. I don't think it mattered to me whether people knew what names we had up our sleeves before hand or not, but everyone is different and you have to stick to your guns and do what makes you most happy! Good luck with baby number dos!


  5. Don't tell 'em (or me!) I want surprise! I've been calling him baby smith anyway I think I can wait a few weeks more xx

  6. I love Carson's cheeky reveal! Hehe I can totally understand why you didn't tell people xx #BabyBabble

  7. I didn't mind people knowing Osian was a baby boy, but I didn't tell anyone the name I really liked, it was mine and my partners thing and I liked keeping it that way :)
    p.s I'm glad Baby Babbles back! xx

  8. We had an early gender scan and I was happy to share that we were having a girl with people. We instantly knew what we were going to call her (there was only one name we liked!) but we didn't tell anyone. Like you, we wanted something to announce to people, we didn't want to give everything away before she was even born. Thanks for hosting #babybabble xx

  9. Totally agree with you on this. Only the Hubby and I know the planned names of our little pink or blue and its just so nice having something for ourselves!

    ps welcome back! xxxxx


    Follow me too? Oh So Gawjess


  10. I didn't tell anyone our name, but for different reasons. It took us so long to mutually agree on something, I was worried that someone would say something negative about it and put me off! I think people are more willing to say 'urgh, I hate that name' when you have a bump, than they are when it's an actual baby in your arms (if that makes any sense?!) #BabyBabble


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