Packing your Hospital Bag...

Hospital bags.... what to pack, and when to pack it!

I genuinely don't remember what I packed when I was going to have Carson - but I definitely DO remember what I forgot so that's what I'm going to base my choice around.
To be fair, I stayed in hospital for a good week after having Carson so I might be being a little OTT on supplies but, given that I didn't plan for any eventualities last time, I will do this time! I've also decided to make 2 lists - one for baby and one for mummy.


x3 Pairs of DARK Cotton PJ’s

DARK: Visitors don’t want to see your leakage.
COTTON: You don’t want to be too hot.

x2 Nighties

To give birth in.
If long labour, you WILL want to freshen up mid-way through.

Old Vest/Bikini Top

In case you have the pleasure of experiencing a Birthing Pool during labour

Dressing Gown

Extra layer if needed, easily removable if not!


Just in case you need to walk to another ward/dept etc.


For labour and afterwards when in bed.

Lots of knickers & Maternity pads

Seriously, lots. You will need to change often.
(If giving birth vaginally then bear in mind the possibility of stitches etc.)

Lots of (nursing) bra’s & Breast Pads

I would also suggest a larger bra size than normal too. Mine went like cannonballs after birthing Carson! Pads a'plenty are essential. Nipple cream might come in handy too.


Toothbrush/paste, shampoo & conditioner, unperfumed/sensitive soap   flannel, wipes. Oh, anti-bacterial hand gel too.

Hair accessories

Brush, bobbles, clips/grips, headbands etc – giving birth does not involve a fashion parade, you don’t need your rollers or straighteners!

Mp3 player

For during labour or if you have to stay over night

Drinks & Snacks

I would steer clear of small juice cartons/bottles and take a big bottle of concentrated squash to really last. And when I say snacks, I mean things like fruit bags & cereal bars – not a full blown picnic.

Travel Chess or Scrabble

Ok, Ok this is a bit weird. But you’ll only end up on you mobile phone on Blogger, or Twitter, or Netflix etc. Use any ‘slow/quiet’ time during labour to connect with your partner using old school methods!

Going Home Clothes

Baby may be out but your bump ain’t going anywhere, trust me! Pack maternity clothes for your return journey home.

Remember your birthing partners needs too. They are going to get tired and hungry and will most likely need to freshen up themselves at some point so ensure they're as prepared as you are. No one is going to go nuts if your partner takes their jeans off and pops on some lounge pants, trust me. The comfier they are - the better for you.

Their jobs will include things like popping a bit of cash in the tv before they leave - they need coinage! They should also remember a phone charger and a list of numbers to call. Our hospital didn't provide Carsonsdaddy with any refreshments i.e. tea/coffee or even toast in the early hours - and my labour was 23 hours long last time - so I can't stress how important coins are (again!)

Now for baby stuff....


Nappies & Cotton wool

At least one pack of new-born nappies and plenty of cotton wool for each change.


I personally didn’t want Carson to have dummies, but SCBU went ahead and gave him one anyway when he was moved from ICU to HDU. Luckily, we managed to ‘wean’ him off by about 8wks old.
If you want your baby to have a certain type of dummy (or none at all) then be certain to have this in your birth plan and have your choice to hand.

Vests & Grow’s

I would say a minimum of 5 vests & 3 grows Choose grows with the attached turn down scratch mitts so you don’t need to bother with mitts as a separate. Also, buy grow’s with feet to save buying booties/socks too.


New-borns lose their heat through their heads. They can’t self-regulate temperature either so hats are essential for new-born’s.

Formula & Bottles

These were freely available last time I gave birth almost 6 years ago. I believe it’s very different now in our local hospital, so be prepared!

Bibs & Muslin cloths

For obvious reasons!

Going home outfit

Choose layers for baby, as you can’t advance-predict the weather on the day you’ll be coming home.

I feel my quantities of items marked may well be 'off' - do you have any thoughts/advice? And I have that sunken feeling that I've forgotten stuff - again. But thankfully I'm only 33 weeks tomorrow so should have plenty of time to use your comments wisely and change my lists.

I love the concept of pre-packed maternity bags, but don't know whether they are worth it. I mean, I actually don't own a standard weekend bag so will have to buy one of those anyway - so would you say the pre-packed options are a good option?

I'm sure this will change in the coming weeks, but for now - this is what I have :-)

Please leave links of any posts you've done relating to this yourself xx


  1. This sounds like great advice, I'm a long way off having kids but I'll definitely be sending my pregnant friends over to this post :) x

  2. Such a great post! I was really lazy coming to the end of my bump to pack my hospital bag because i wasn't sure what i really needed, it's a bit like holiday packing you always pack things you don't need. I forgot the basic of shampoo/bodywash/conditioner so make sure you dont forget them and the essential of nighties xx

    1. defo! thanks for your thoughtful and very kind comment! x

  3. Really good tips. I can't think of anything else to add to it really think you have pretty much covered it all there

    1. woohooo! success then yeah?! thanks trace xx

  4. Wow thats a list! Hopefully all goes well and you dont stay in hospital too long. I have been at my sister's side for some of her births but pretty much all of them she has gone home within 24 hours of giving birth.

    1. I know I've been a little bit OTT here lol! but last time i was sooo under prepared! x

  5. Brilliant list I shall have to make sure I follow this when it's my turn, hope it all goes well ;-)


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