*Review* Ozeri Green Earth non-stick Pan

Pancake day was a washout in our household.

You may have seen my tweets re Carson having a bit of a go at my pans and how I should have gone and bought a Ceracraft and how stuff is *ALWAYS* ruined in our pans.

Wow, sorry son! Hindsight and all that jazz...

In a bizarre twist, the very next day, I received an email asking if I'd like to review a non-stick frying pan from the Moderna Housewares range, in the shape of an 8" Ozeri Green Earth Textured Ceramic Nonstick Frying Pan. Talk about fantastic timing!

Here is what we thought of our new, green, pan.

Firstly, it's not particularly lightweight given the 20cm size. I like this in a pan, it says strength and quality to me. The textured base creates air pockets between pan and food, which enhance cooking performance.

The non-stick properties of the Greblon coating means you can use as little as half the oil you did previously. I can vouch for this! I decided to make Carsonsdaddy a fried egg sarnie to see how it performed (Uh, I so miss fried eggs with runny yolks!)

I normally use a small knob of butter to cook eggs in, but as you can see from my pictures below, it really wasn't needed as a 'lubricant' whatsoever. The eggs rolled and slid round the pan like an absolute dream, I didn't need to use a slice at all! I could 'pour' the egg out and the pan had not one iota of food left in the base when I was done. Amazing!!

I did try some bacon in this pan too and it cooked beautifully well, browning successfully, but not exactly going crispy - I would assume that the air pockets under the bacon prevent the consistent contact needed to crisp up the rind? If you prefer crispy bacon - I wouldn't recommend this pan for you.

The pan cleaned very easily, no soaking or harsh scrubbing required - another bonus!

You can buy these pans from Amazon in several different sizes, but the 20cm one that I have reviewed here retails at £24.95 with free delivery. I actually had a nose this morning and they also sell pan lids separately which could be really handy indeed - perhaps to poach a little a piece of fish or something similar?

In my opinion, my first thought was that it's a little expensive for a pan - but having said that, I've never truly 'invested' in decent pans before, and end up spending at least £30 per annum on cheap naff ones that make me fail at pancake day year-on-year anyway!

I will be recommending this item to ANYONE who is looking for non-stick pans. 

My recommendations for this pan would be for frying the likes of eggs, omlettes, pancakes etc, those fiddly pains in the you-know-what that normally stick and make a holy mess
.... if you're Carsonsmummy anyway :-) 

Truly awesome and I have no doubt that this will last much longer than one year!

DISCLAIMER: I was sent this product free of charge for the purposes of review. All opinions are my own, as always!


  1. I've got one of these and had the most successful pancake day yet! I've also got a wok from the range which is just as fab definitely recommend it!


    1. I love stir fry's so a wok in this range would be wicked!!

  2. I have this pan as well...
    you can get a crispy bacon, just do not add any fat into pan :-)
    Cook bacon first and than eggs using fat after bacon... it makes for an awesome eating

  3. I reviewed this pan and its really good.

    1. I'm glad I'm not the only one who thought so :-)

  4. This looks fabulous, I need to get a new non stick as my one is now not non stick, I make omelettes nearly everyday so this would be perfect, great Review Jo! Xx


    1. Thanks for your lovely comment Gemma - you wont be disappointed with this I promise!

  5. Ozeri do make some good stuff :) Now I fancy a fried egg sarnie!

  6. Looks absolutely fabulous. My pan from asda is currently on its way out after 8 years

    Laura x x x


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