*Review* Swizzels Matlow LoveHearts Squashies

sheer joy of sweets to a child
Can you tell he loves Love Hearts?!
be mine love hearts

Love Hearts. 

Tasty tubes of fizzy fun and a lil bit meaningful too.

C'mon, we all did it... kept *that* message for *that* special someone!

Heck, one packet lasts Carson ages because he plays with each and every message, deciding on who deserves it the most!
I'm always around when he has Love Hearts, solely for this reason! (One for Carson, 2 for Mum... etc)

A childhood fave of my mums, a childhood fave of mine, and a childhood fave of Carson's.

In fact, would you believe they've been around for 60 whole years?

I certainly didn't realise until I saw the competition they have running at the moment, celebrating 60 years of love.

You can WIN a mega prize that both children and adults will be excited to receive:

- Design your own Love Hearts message, and visit the Love Hearts Factory to see your very own sweets being made.

You can find out more here if you'd like to win this dream prize! Ohhhh, imagine the fizzy fun to be had!

Sixty years is a long time to stay cool. But Love Hearts have become a timeless classic with regards to their appeal and fun nature. They've made a new addition recently so Carson and I have been munching all morning for the purposes of helping you out and doing this review....

Introducing Love Hearts Squashies...

A squidgy, squashy, chewy version of Love Hearts. 

They're much bigger than traditional Love Hearts and if I'm totally honest, they don't much taste like Love Hearts in both Carson's and my opinion. Apart from the clear ones - they have a definite fizz to them. 

Love Hearts Squashies Love You

But they are VERY tasty in a fruity kind of way, and very enjoyable as a separate entity. 

The concept of passing messages on remains - here are two that Carson kindly gave to me... you can clearly see what he's trying to say. N'aww!!

Love Hearts Squashies WOW

Squashies also come in Double Lollies flavour, Refreshers flavour, and Drumstick Lollies flavour. Oh, how I drool at the thought of the drumstick ones!!

Final Verdict: Love Hearts will continue to be a big fave in our household, whether we go for a fizzy roll, or a squashie bag, both the fun and flavour are there. 

We give Love Hearts Squashies a big thumbs up!!

DISCLAIMER: I was sent Love Hearts and Squashies for the purpose of review, I was not paid to write this post and all of the comment made are unbiased, honest and open personal opinions!


  1. I remember eating these as a child, I used to love the little messages on them too.

  2. mmm think im going to have to try these, I love the drumstick squashies, and after loosing half a tooth eating a drumstick lolly over xmas im off the chewy sweets lol xxx

  3. I have not seen these yet and would definitely try them. Have to try them before the kids do, of course!


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