*REVIEW* Zaggora Viva Hotpants

So I gather you all saw my original Zaggora post when I took my before picture (cringe!!)

I have been testing these by doing their 2 week challenge.

Viva Hotpants! (Details on Viva are available at http://www.zaggora.com and www.facebook.com/zaggora

The science behind Hotpants is as follows;

  • Scientific studies show Weight loss is FOUR TIMES GREATER in Hotpants
  • Hotpants increase the energy expenditure during exercise
  • Hotpants increase energy expenditure in the resting stage after exercise by 16%
  • The core temperature in Hotpants increased by an average of 18% compared to the control
  • Thermal sensation was significantly greater but safe in Hotpants
*Research from the Chelsea School of Sport at Brighton University
On their arrival I was pretty shocked at just how thick and stiff they are, it was like a military mission to get them on... having said that, there are so very comfortable when you are in! The material reminds me of thick padding or foam.

They make a loud swooshing sound as you walk so when I was on the cross trainer in them, I had to have my ipod pretty loud so as not to be put off. 

Although you sweat bucket loads (honestly, I mean proper drip!), the hotpants are so thick that you don't have any embarrassing sweat patches visible. Oh, imagine that, sweaty bum for all to see - no thanks :-s
Also, despite the fact that they are so tight, any cellulite you have is not visible - a bonus as normal leggings would have the world knowing where all of your lumps and bumps are.

So thank you Zaggora for making my embarrassing weight loss journey, that little bit more dignified!

Whilst working out I LOVED how tight they were on my legs as it provides extra support. My knees usually struggle after a small period of time but the warm snug feeling of these hotpants truly aid in that department. You do feel your legs tingle for a little longer after exercising too. Not the muscles from all your tough gym anticts, but like a skin tingle. This is thanks to the energy expenditure increasing during resting time. It's not at all uncomfortable, but quite a rewarding sensation, it reminds you of all your hard work, you go-er you!

You must must MUST follow the washing instructions, else you will spoil their benefits. I found that they do dry relatively quickly despite the fact they must lay flat whilst drying, with no wringing before hand.

I guess you guys are wanting to know the nitty gritty now reall, the end results. I say end, this is by no means the end of my Zaggora usage- hells no! I'm keeping these babies 'til they fall to my ankles and I'll be investing in the smaller size for sure (several times over - if my weight loss plan pans out!)

Of course, you all know that I lost just under 6lbs throughout the 2 week challenge which is pretty awesome in itself so you can imagine there has been inch loss too...

Ok so before I even tried the Zaggora hotpants on, I measured my Hips, Bum, Thigh and Knee:

**Hip**      BEFORE 47 inch     AFTER >>  45 inch  
**Bum**    BEFORE 49.5 inch  AFTER >>  48 inch  
**Thigh**  BEFORE  30 inch    AFTER >>   28.5 inch 
**Knee**   BEFORE 19 inch     AFTER  >> 18 inch 

HIP LOSS:   2 inches
BUM LOSS: 1.5 inches
THIGH LOSS (x2): 3 inches
KNEE LOSS (x2): 2 inches

TOTAL LOSS: 8.5 inches

Incredible, right?!



Now I know I have to keep this up else it will not stay off, and it is so very important to up your liquids whilst in the course of using these Hotpants, as a lot of water is lost.

The ONLY single thing I want to mark these down on, is the fact they don't do a whole body suit, or at least bingo wing sleeves!! But it just wouldn't be fair to mark down on this point I guess :-D

A truly amazing 10/10 - I don't think I've ever been so chuffed with a weight loss aid, that actually encourages excersing as well. I 100% believe in this product, and can't recommend them enough. I'm a tad excited about the release of the 2.0 verion too, and hopefully I will get to invest in these too come September payday!! (Not in August, it's Carsons 4th birthday and hubby's birthday too... oh, and my best mates and Dads too... holy moly, break the bank month!!)

The winners of my competition in the intro post about the Zaggora Viva Hotpants are going to be exceptionally lucky devils... can't wait to announce them!

Take care ladies and gents XX


  1. WOW!!! Absolutely amazing results, well done and keep up the good work!! :) x

    1. Thanks so much hun :-) I've added the after pics now and you really can tell. It's amazing becuase if I'd have not taken measurements before hand I wouldn't have appreciated the full extent to which they have worked! xx

    2. WOW!!! That's amazing!! Well done xx

  2. Fantastic results. I hope I can do mine proud like you have. I'm not sure i'll be brave enough to put all the details on my blog but I promise i'll at least blog about them!

  3. Excellent result, long may it continue, well done. Hope they do the same for me when I get mine :-) xx

  4. You look amazing im so proud of you! I really want a pair of these now! These results are fantastic well done Jo xx

  5. such fantastic results an amazing product which seem to actually work good heavens even im tempted to get some well done again it give us all hope


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