Weigh in Wednesday Week 7

Oh my days I have had a nightmare of a day... - boiler broke! It's sorted now just about to sit down with my tea before I go to bed.

I'm at meetings tomorrow an Friday which will mean my being away from home until Friday evening and I have so much to to before bed such as pack and iron my clothes etc. I just want ths day to be forgotten! Hubby is on night shift right now so he can't take my 'after' pictures from the Zaggora review... but this will be done on Friday night, I can assure thee :-)

Remember I was ill last week? (Still have a niggly cough, but I am sooo much better) Well that means that this weigh in is a TWO WEEK result remember, but I'm still excitedly chuffed with the numbers before my eyes....


16st 6lbs


15st 8.6lbs


Total Loss to date:
Full post re: Zaggora Viva Hotpants to follow on Friday when I get back from my work trip... Thanks for the support guys, it seems that one bad week at week 5 was, really, crying over spilt milk now!
I can't believe that I have lost just shy of a stone already. I'm hoping for a 2lb ost next week to mhit the stone in 8weeks, but if it's less than that I won't mind really... the slower it sheds, the longer it stays off :-)
I really have to go now, that picture took 20 bloomin' minutes to upload but i HAD to include it this week seeing as though I've done so well *YAY* *GO ME!* lol :-)
Take care you guys!! Oh, and If you feel I've influenced you in anyway, please do feel free to Klout me one -muahaha!! (On the right hand side of the page)
Danke Schon, Auf Weidersein, Goodbye.... Sleep Sweet my lovelies xxxx
--I'm not German, I'm just delirious! :-p


  1. Wow! Go you!!! :)
    Carolin x

  2. I like your theory: "the slower it sheds, the longer it stays off":) x


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