Wash out Wednesday :-(

Oh my days, this cold has dragged on something rotten. I even called in sick to work today as I am THAT exhausted. I think the main thing that's bothering me is the cough, it's pulled all my stomach muscles; makes my head pound; torn that stringy bit under my tongue (on my teeth I think) and I have tonhue ulcers too. It prevents my sleeping and has even sent hubby to the couch the past two nights. I have little coughing fits that make me shoot up as I think I'm guna hurl and I have to squeeze my belly inwards for fear of getting a bloomin' hernia. Don't think I've ever moane so much about a cold, but with all the rain and the heat I think it was just a matter of time. It's too hot for a coat but then if you get wet in the rain... it's just no good.

I got out of bed at 2pm today so I did forget to do weigh in wednsday this morning -HOWEVER... as I am currently in the process of doing the 2 week challenge with Zaggora Hotpants, I think it's probably only fair that I haven't reported half way through, as I can then give the full shabang of a result in one go then. Admittedly I have not used the pants today or on Saturday just gone. But, I will say that I'm feeling a change already, a good change.

I've had some more fab products sent to me to review as well, which is exciting. This time beauty products not weight loss related. I will have to wait until I'm fighting fit again - which, fingers crossed should be in a few days or so.

Until I'm feeling less sweaty, achey, snivelly and generally disgusting.... take care xxx


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