Weigh in Wednesday Week 4.

Nothing different to report this week in terms of regime. The cross-trainer we won on eBay for 99p is bloody awesome though! My bum cheeks feel like stone hahaha!! What they feel like and what they look like however are 2 very different stories but hey ho ... no pain, no gain so I'm guessing it's a good sign :-)

Our staff night out was good though on Friday. I did promise I'd be good but Oh Em Geeee did I fail. Epically. Dr Christian would be mortified if he knew how much I can put away. Let's just put it this way though, there was only one pint of lager involved so just one portion of McDonalds fries lol! In all seriousness though, I'm disappointed in my ability to be good where alcohol is concerned. I'm not a "glass-a-night" kinda gal, I'm more a "pretty-much-nothing-for-a-month-then-have-a-complete-blow-out" kinda person. This is something I do need to work on and I hope it will improve the quality of my journey!

This weekend marks our 1st wedding anniversary and thanks to a lovely little win on JackpotJoy during my hangover on Saturday (cheered me up to say the least!), my husband and I are going to stay in a lovely hotel on Friday and Saturday night to treat ourselves. Mother-in-law has kindly offered to have Carson so that we could enjoy ourselves so I snapped up the opportunity just as my former-self would snap at the opportunity for a big fat creamy delicious melt-in-the-mouth *slurps*... ahem... a boring piece of cake!!

So this week I am proud to announce another loss, here goes...

16st 6lbs

15st 11.6lbs

Ewww my toes are horrid - apologies!!


So not too bad considering the drinking issue I had on Friday night! In 4 weeks (1 month) I've lost almost 9lbs just by being a bit more selective as to my portions and food choices.

I've been assured that my product to review is on the way to me now so hopefully my next blog post you will all have to endure my "before" bodily pictures *because I'm evil like that!*

My piccy of the week regarding Carson - totally obsessed with pop music -

We tweeted her but she never "text" back - he was upset but happy that it was because she was just busy on the TV instead *bless*

Happy living guys :-)

JoJo xx


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