*Review* Bare Minerals 9-Piece Get Started Kit

So my skin without foundation looks like a blotchy, veiny, eye-baggy mess. (Honestly, see the before and after pictures at the bottom of this post!!)

As you know, I'm a full time working mummy and wife all rolled in to one so I want something to pep me up, look natural and that is easy to apply.

You may then wonder why on earth I decided to buy and try Bare Minerals in the form of their 9-piece Get Started Kit , because I did when I opened it and was faced with all these beauties...

* 4 POTS OF MINERAL POWDERS (2 Shades of foundation, Warmth and Mineral Veil)

What I was greeted with upon opening!
....OH NO! Was my initial thought!

But for the £49.95 I paid for it, you can see you get an awful load of treasure for your pleasure.

I set about opening the mineral powders but I did have difficulty at first with this.
They have a handy swivel and lock lid to prevent spillages which is an obvious bonus but it made it difficult to delve right in as you need to remove the tabs first.

Tiny tabs
The swivel lid is roughly half way up the actual container. Now, the lip of these tabs are so short and so 'deep' into the pot that I couldn't grip them with my fingers.

I eventually overcome this by using my teeth - I don't recommend you do this yourselves, this is purely my experience. Tweezers may have been the better option if you have slender and long fingers.

Anyway, the primer is a lovely serum like texture and clear in colour - which I prefer to the more creamy and tinted primers that are available. It blended in like a dream and you don't need an awful amount as, although not runny, it thin. But perfect!
Bling Rocks LA Dream Crystal Shamballa bracelet by the way :-)
Our bedroom TV/DVD Combi is currently kaput, and it would have been a miracle if hubby would've let me watch it downstairs or on the laptop (yes, it's true men CAN multitask - he was surfing the net AND watching a repeat of a 1981 LFC match on the LFC TV channel at the same time... I'll remember this when you moan that multi-tasking is "too hard" in future!!*grrr*). Therefore, I can't say I watched it prior to my first usage. So I got by on the handy booklet that was in this pack.

So, tap a small amount of powder in to the lid, twirl the brush, tap and apply in circular motions on the skin. I start at the jaw/neck area first - this is purely out of habit. There is nothing worse than an orange line, so I like to ensure it's blended correctly before applying moe to where is needed.

First take the lightest shade of the 2 foundations and use the smaller brush for better coverage, I used this on the main blemishes and, of course, my eye bags. Use the second largest brush for the second shade of foundation for all over coverage. Then take the Warmth shade to add contouring i.e where the sun would naturally catch on your skin. Finally, take th largest brush fo the Mineral Veil, it acts as a finishing powder, sealing your facial art in :-)

It only actually took me approximately 10 minutes to get the hang of it and have a completed face.

As I said, this particular make-up is all about allowing your complexion to look natural whilst alowing it to breathe. So I have no other make-up on my face for the before and after pictures - JUST Bare Minerals.

So before I leave you with my before and after pictures, I want to give this my full recommendation. a little goes a very long way in becoming as beautiful as can be with what you have and no fakery. I can see this product lasting a very long time and I am very impressed with the results. The only small problem I had was the removal of tabs, but as I lose weight -  I may get thinner fingers and rectify that problem LOL ...

 A whopping 9.5 out of 10
*Happy Mummy*

Hope my pictures do it justice - as I have noticed they aren't too clear now they've uploaded :-(

Before....                                                                                                 After....

Have you ever used Bare Minerals? What do you think?
See you soon... xx


  1. Your results look fab! Iv wanted to try bare minerals for a long time, but worry about the coverage as I like a full coverage and normally use liquid foundation.

    Great Review :)


    1. Thanks hun, I've only just seen your comment! I was like you, worrying about full coverage but Bare Minerals have quashed that now. You wont believe how light it is on your skin too, it feels like you have no makeup on at all! x

  2. I've recently tried out loads of mineral make-up as my skin is really bad I wanted to try something lighter than my usual liquid foundations. I didn't get to try Bare Minerals but have wanted to for ages and have been eyeing up this very kit! I think I may just have to give it a try now :) xx

  3. I've recently bought a BareMinerals starter kit, I have to say I completely share your views on it, it is the most amazing foundation I have ever used in my life. I've also tried a sample of their new summer tinted moisturiser today and have to say it is just as gorgeous feeling, lighter coverage but still enough to cover imperfections and give me confidence in my skin!


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