Sky TV - Customer Service *REVIEW*

I'm not one to go storming to the internet and make my opinions of a 'poor' customer services department be made known... mainly because I look like a right moan hole. But Sky, today, have eradicated my fear and set me ablaze with anger. It goes like this:

Having spent a small fortune on brand new living room furniture, we started to unravel the tv/skybox and dvd player wires. Our Sky was fitted in Feb 2011 and we'd never moved our living room around, nor had the engineer asked where our TV should go, he just fitted it where it was - which was normal to us (at the time). The Sky wire was literally 2 foot long. So how the heck are we going to move our living room around according to the new furniture we've just built??

Cue calling Sky. "Why on earth did you not check before the engineer left? I mean, I did when I got mine done, Mine is definately long enough, that's one thing I did check" ... Oh right, terribly sorry for being, clearly, idiot of the century here. We only called for advice not to be chortled at. With that, we were told £65 or make do with the current length. Now, hubby made the call as he deals with the Sky account for us - and he dislikes an form of confrontation. I demanded that he call back for the complaints department. How dare she use that tone with us, we're not engineers, we didn't think to check befoe he left. So what? All we wanted was some sort of help!!

No complaints department apparently! Te lady with the irish twang informed us that they only get dealt with via writing. Hmmm, retentions department then please... no can do either (*she's 'afraid'*)

According to this second lady, it's for health and safety reasons that the wire can only be that long (so the first lady was being a lying condescending creature then for fun? Odd.) But, yes, £65 will eradicate these health and safety issues as they will extend it! Wow, strange amount to suddenly allow for safety, but still... we allow her to continue. Plus our wire is "out of warranty". And this means...??? Nothing apparently, it was just a quip thrown in for good measure.

So before I go on with my story, I just want to break this second chat down... The first woman was 'lying' as you AREN'T permitted to ask the engineer for X-length at all. Secondly, it's much too dangerous to have an x-length (but £65 extra should just about cover those dangers!). And thirdly, I know we're in 2012 but to say that the entire living room has to revolve around Sky just takes the biscuit for me now.

I'm lumped with this beautiful furniture (that has been built - thus non returnable) that we can't use all thanks to Sky. I'm not paying £65 for this to be extended. The sheer way my husband was spoken to by the first woman when all we wanted was advice was enough to plant that seed. Then the reasoning behind it from the second lady was like a shovel of the worlds finest manure on top of that seed.

Funniest thing is, it would actually be cheaper to cancel Sky and go back to Virgin than pay the £65 and we have no ontract to buy out of, just 31 days notice. You'd have thoght Sky realise this and let their staff know that we, as customers, actually MEAN something to them... I am not a number, I am a human being and I am disgusted.  First thing Monday morning, I am looking at Virgin again - should never have left them in the first place. Such a shame, as I prefer Sky, but NOT their customer "service"

Feel free to comment on anything I've written. I hope Sky notice this too and pull their finger out. I am so not impressed and for the first time ever, this publication has made me feel a hundred times better about airing my views on companies.

Ever experienced something similar??

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  1. That is awful! ive never had a good experience with sky! x


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