Weigh in Wednesday Week 5.

On a social level, this week has been awesome! Hubby and I celebrated our 1st wedding anniversary and 5 full years of 'togetherness', and boy did we do it in style!! Two nights, 3 day stay at a spa hotel including 3 course gourmet meals; champagne & strawberries on arrival in our room and zero childcare for 56 hours! HEY... We even got some sun on the Saturday!!! Talk about special LOL!

Sadly this had an uber horrific effect on my weight loss plan this week. All exercise stalled, laziness and daydreams set in and I did take advantage of the edible/drinkable luxuries available to me. I thought that if I double beast my 'home gym' on the Mon and Tues before weigh in wednesday then all will be forgiven. Monday I didn't have the time as I'd not done the monthly shop over the weekend thanks to being away so by the time I'd finished that after work it was gone 8pm, I then had bathing and teas to do - plus ironing that had also been sidelined. Tuesday I started coming down with a cold - so much so that I couldn't lift my head up off of the counch whe I finally dragged my ass back home from work. I'm taking night and day cold & flu tablets as of yesterday evening and I can function pretty normally today so I'm hoping to hammer the gym tonight though. This coming weekend is also "that monthly time" which will usually hinder an accurate weigh-in too.

Oh noooo, I've just re-read this and it sounds like the excusemobile just rolled in to town.  

Sod it. It's not often you get to spend a weekend away without your kids and celebrate your very first wedding anniversary in this manner so dya know what??? I'm not beating myself up over this... no way. Absolutely no way. Sorry, it's people like me who grate on my husband believe it or not! Fatty's who use excuses all the time. If he even dares...... oooft!

Anyway: here is my #epicfail of the month:

16st 6lbs

16st 0.4lbs

+ 2.8lbs


The item for review has finally arrived though so I'm hoping this will boost my confidence a tad, I'm about to release the blog post about it now and there are 3 items to give away thanks to this upcoming review....

What this weeks gain has made me realise though, is if I ate what I wanted to/what I could on a daily basis... imagine how huge I'd be then??!!

Also, 5 weeks in - 5 pounds lost... If I averaged 1lb per week, over a year I'd be 52lb (3 stone 10lbs) lighter. Sound bloody good to me!


  1. glad you had a fab anniversary hun! and hey 1lb off a week is so much better than 1lb on xx

  2. First of all, Happy Anniversary! I am glad you had a nice time and made the most of it. It should give you motivation to keep up! One pound a week is great, so don't worry too much! Good luck! :) x

  3. good luck hun, i'm sure you'll do well :) xx

  4. Well done, I'm also on a diet at the moment so I know how hard it can be.


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