Week 10: weigh in!

I've had over a month (almost 6 wks!) of not weighing in, or dieting,  or exercising... and a brewery's worth of booze. Wow, bereavement turns everything upside down. You somehow manage to find money that you wouldn't normally be able to, just to source 10 smokes and a bottle of red. Every night.

Gaaaah. I'd been doing so so well. Had the determination and grit of a salmon upstream, but it all wilts away. Doesn't matter what you want, your mind takes over at such a tough time. Stupid mind.

Having such an immediate family history of stroke in severeal members,  both ischemic and haemorrhagic, and one now fatal in my poor dad, I have to get a grip. Boozing, smoking,  overweight. It's a joke. I have to sort myself out. So, sorry mind, it's my way from now on in. I'm packing the smokes in (i normally only smoke when i drink but recently i'd gone back to it full time - no more.) and I'm back to weightloss street.

With that in mind I weighed in this morning...

Week 10 Weight Loss Results 
Start weight: 17st 5.8lb
Current weight: 16st 6.2lbs
Total Loss: 13.6lbs

I'm pleased (and VERY surprised) to report that I haven't put any weight on in my month/5.5 weeks off,  in fact I lost weight.

Ok so it's only 0.4lb but I am so shocked not to have bloated and ballooned after the drink and crap quick meals. Weird.

Onwards and upwards, wish me luck xxx


  1. Well done you !! I'm sorry to hear about your dad, my mum died suddenly from a fatal stroke too. At least your taking the right steps to help yourself, keep going :-)

  2. keep up the determination your doing really well!

  3. It's always hard when you've had a break to get back on the diet, but keep going and good luck!

  4. I can completely relate right now, hope your ok lovely!

  5. Sometimes when you are hurting it's best not to put the added stress on yourself with your diet. Glad you haven't put on though. hopefully it's onwards and upwards from here x


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