The #MorningWin Challenge with Britmums and belVita

Is there anything worse than things just not going your way first thing in the morning? We've all had days like it, there's no denying it, and that's why the small little victories count when it comes to a #morningwin.

Britmums and belVita have challenged us mums to finding those little gems of glory that make all the difference, and I think I've got the winning combo for fighting off those "wrong side of the bed" comments.

The radio alarm goes off and your favourite tune is just starting, making you smile the second you wake - there's no way you'll hit the snooze button now! #morningwin

You turn to get out of bed, a crack in the curtains make for a ray of sunshine bursting through, ahhhh! #morningwin

The kids awake, not screaming or arguing, but sleepy eyed, smiley and wanting morning cuddles, for a change. #morningwin

A good hair day ;) always a #morningwin!

No spillages or toothpaste drips on those fresh clean uniforms #morningwin

Biscuits for breakfast (cheers belVita!) Now in three fantastical new flavours to suit the nutty, the fruity and chocolatey amongst us: Chocolate Chip, Hazlenut and Apricot. #morningwin

Baby poops before you have to leave the house to do the school run, with plenty of time to change! #morningwin

Pleasant people passing you by. This is a massive #morningwin for me. You can see how infectious someone's pleasantness can be, just going off of an old facebook status! *See at foot of post*

belVita help make breakfast more convenient, whilst offering slow release carbs to keep you full 'til lunch.

My favourite flavour are the choc chip, with a nice cuppa. They don't look to have many choc chips in them, but their flavour really comes through. The hazelnut ones are gorgeous with a coffee, dunked in. It's like having hazelnut flavoured coffee.

The biscuits are crunchy but taste kind of milky at the same time and they are a really good size. I was surprised that you get 3 in each packet portion because I wouldn't normally eat 3 biscuits that large in any one sitting - so naughty!

Sometimes the small little snippets of morning satisfaction are a coincidence, other times they are self made (pre-bribing the kids the night before "be good in the morning"!).

But often, your victories can be made better by others - which means you can make someone else's morning too.

Be a little calmer, give a little smile. Remember that you can make a difference to someone else's morning. That, in itself, is the biggest #morningwin for me! I'll leave you with the perfect example...

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  1. I love your #morningwin suggestions, it is lovely when things go right for a change x

  2. #morningwin for me is waking up to find it's a Saturday or Sunday. Ah, I can go back to sleep! ;)

  3. ive never tried belvita before. i keep seeing adverts on tv xD ill try it soon. flavours sounds delish

  4. Mornings always used to be stressful for us with a 10 mile round trip school run to get ready for, for which we'd always be running late. We chill in the mornings now, and it's much more pleasant - the kids wake up naturally, work gets done before lunch and it gets us off to a nice start!

  5. Loved hearing about your morning wins and love the ones on music and light in particular. Commenting for myself and on behalf of BrtMums and thanking you for taking part.


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