Brotherly Love... Part 2!

I posted a piece a couple of weeks ago 3 months ago (wow, how time truly flies!), depicting the love that Carson had for Finley in those first 6 weeks. How he wanted to both hush and huggle him, how he wanted to always help. There are some incredible shots of them bonding over on that post (here if you want to see)

Well, 3 months on - have things changed? Well....

Talking away to each other on the floor!

Finley idolises Carson, he really does. He stares at him, squeals with excitement/for attention from him when he's in the room, genuinely chuckles his heart out at him and goes eerily still and silent if he sings. It's just fantastic. Me and hubby always say that Finley loves Carson waaaay much more than us, He is simply fascinated.

Puppet Show Central!

As for Carson, he just gets on with things and includes Finley without even having to be asked. I was in the kitchen the other day and he comes in "Mum... Fin can hold a pencil and is drawing with me!!" I thought awww, cute. Then panicked a split second later that Carson had fed him a pencil, bursting through into the living room to find him just sat there in his bouncer - with nothing at all.  Carson was fibbing, but it's a sign that he was 'pretend playing' with him whilst drawing.

Giving him brekky!
Have things changed, almost 3 months on from my first Brotherly Love installment... I, personally, think that this next picture picture just answers that question.



  1. I love seeing photos of the two of them - such an awesome brotherly bond. They are so lucky to have each other! Thanks for hosting #babybabble xx

  2. Oh my, those photos are amazing!
    Such a lovely post to read, I really do feel like Boo will be missing out because she will have no siblings.
    It's such a special thing that your boys will share, so lovely.

  3. Oh my word, they are soooo cute together. My eldest was exactly the same when his younger brother was born, its so nice to see.

  4. It seems they have a lovely rapport. How cute are those photos!

  5. I LOVE THIS!!
    As you know, theres 10 years between my 2, so its so important to me that they have a good bond.
    Its so special, if my boys look at each other the way your 2 do, I'll be a happy Mummy :)

  6. It looks like they have such a bond - it's adorable!


    Follow me too? Oh So Gawjess

  7. Lovely pics of brotherly love. Sibling relationships are indeed so very precious. Tx

  8. Sounds as though you've got two great boys.


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