#BetterwithBRITA: The Three Winners

You may remember I blogged a few times regarding the #BetterWithBRITA campaign, where budding bakers and curious cooks were encouraged to put their recipes forward for a chance to sell their own produce to the masses at Big Feastival.

Each of the entrants used filtered water to get the best taste possible and we were delighted to see a wide range of recipes in the top 10 shortlist.

On 31st July a live cook off was held where the 10 finalists had were invited to cook for a panel of five expert judges. From crusty pies to decorative cupcakes, Rebecca from delicious magazine, Felicity from Big Feastival, Fiona from the Kids' Cookery School, Lucy from BRITA and Karen from Lavender and Lovage had a tough time choosing their favorite three recipes.

The votes have been counted and the three winners were....

Emily's cupcakes
At 15 Emily was the youngest person to enter the competition. Emily used to run her own baking website, Emily's Home Bakes, but gave it up to concentrate on her GCSE's. The judges were impressed with the bespoke cupcakes she designed for each of the judges, especially a miniature BRITA water jug made out of icing.

Alex's gluten-free brownies
Alex created his gluten-free brownies after discovering that there was a lack of sweet treats available for his gluten intolerant sister. He's passionate about people enjoying food and wanted to get the best out of his ingredients by using BRITA filtered water. The judges loved the moist chocolate centre of the brownies, as well as the interesting addition of peanut butter.

Rekha's samosas
Rekha's samosas are handcrafted, from the spices to the pastry, to ensure a perfect parcel of taste. Her creations are a favorite amongst her local farmers markets as people love her Indian cooking style. She's a perfectionist cook and ensures a golden glow by using the best ingredients, including BRITA filtered water.

The three winners received a BRITA tap to enable them to continue to discover the results of cooking with filtered water and they us#BetterWithBRITA tap at the cook-off. BRITA taps are the most convenient way to get filtered water in the kitchen (and I want one!)

Each winner were able to follow their dreams and sell their creations at the Big Feastival, supported by BRITA at the brand's stand, for one day between 31st August and 1st September.

I hope you had a fantastic time, a great big batch of your creations can be sent to "Carson's Mummy..." hehe!

Honestly, they look fab - great work and well deserved. Well done winners! 

BRITA can be found at www.brita.co.uk for loads more news, views and products. 


  1. Sounds like a super competition and worthy winners.

  2. Oh what a fab opportunity, well done to the winners. I have to say I adore my Brita

    Hugs Elyse x


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