Soulmatefood & the 3 day taster box *REVIEW*

Soulmatefood are an outfit that create menus designed to fit your goals. Whether you want to lose weight (MEEE!), you want to maximise your protein intake for a heavy gym regime, or you simply want to boost your energy levels, their menus cater for anyone, whilst ensuring everything is fresh, handmade and great tasting. 
"Innovative lifestyle menus, hand created for the individual and delivered straight to your front door. Soulmatefood is about being healthy, inside and out. Gourmet, delicious and nutritious meals and snacks prepared specifically for you, whatever your goal. This is health food, but not as you know it."
They offer a 6 day trial at £150, which does sound expensive for one person's food for the week, but I was sent a 3 day taster box in order to try it for myself and see if I think it's worth it

The package arrived in a HUGE polystyrene box filled with coolant, as each and every meal is freshly prepared and must be refrigerated immediately. The package comes complete with a personalised 3 day menu to ensure you get the best out of each dish. Now, bear in mind that I am interested in their weightloss menu, not the sportsman or gym fanatic, and you will be shell-shocked at how much I actually got. 

Portioned into breakfast, a.m snack, lunch, p.m snack and dinner, your entire day's worth of meals is complete. Not one single added extra is needed, bar your drinks. 
Each meal is in a microwavable container and labelled with the meal name, date it should be eaten and for what meal of the day it is for. 
Should the meal require cooking, it has instructions on how to heat on the label too! 

I've collated a day's worth in a picture for you below to see exactly what I mean...

Being absolutely honest, I actually found one complete day's worth a food stupendously filling. I was bursting! More so than I normally would be, not dieting! That said, if I was working and not on maternity leave, my days would be a whole lot longer so the large portions and filling meals would be more welcoming and appreciated. They really choose their ingredients wisely and the diet is incredibly satisfying. 

My favourite dishes from the 3 day plan were the Chicken Tikka Fajita Pizza, Pulled Pork Goulash and the Healthy Avacado Chocolate Cookies.

Chicken Tikka Fajita Pizza
Quite simply one of the tastiest 'pizza's' I've ever had. I've even made this myself a couple of times since (albeit nowhere near as good). It wouldn't be fair of me to give you a recipe/ingredients because this, I'm sure, makes Soulmatefood stand out from the rest. Mmmmm!! I cooked it in the tub then shuffled it out onto the plate, it was HUGE, with what must have been at least a breast of chicken. The picture above shows you how loaded with ingredients it was and I took a picture half way through to give an idea of size.

Pulled Pork Goulash
Perfect for a chilly autumnal evening, this rich tasting tomato based goulash is loaded with courgette, onions and pulled pork - plenty of it! The bowl was filled to the brim and made for, another, substantial meal.

Healthy Avacado Chocolate Cookie.
Well, I have never had a cookie so moist and tasty as this before. The consistency was more like a brownie and you didn't get just one - but two! Great snack!

Oh, and the frugal side to me wants to tell you that the labels can be removed from the containers, and because the containers are such a sturdy quality (not like the flimsy ones from a chinese takeaway!) they can be washed and kept as spare storage for your own cooking. That in itself is worth a few quid!

As far as weightloss goes, 3 days isn't long enough to gauge any true reflection on weight, but when you look at how few carbs coupled with how much protein there is in the meals, I can imagine this to be very effective indeed.

I really enjoyed the 3 day taster box. I tried foods I never have done before, like Quinoa (on crusted salmon). The dishes were fresh, filling and a delight to consume. Definitely restaurant quality and you get what you pay for. 
Don't just take my word for it, there's a whole bunch of celebs and sports personalities that swear by Soulmatefood too.

And for the Juicer's out there, Soulmatefood don't just offer meals, but Juice diets - from 1 day to 5 day plans, just select JUICE DIET from the Menu.

To thank you all for checking out my review, Soulmatefood have kindly offered some massive discounts to you. Simply use the following:

10% off all food plans
(excluding Taster Box and Ultimate Summer Detox.)

50% off all juice plans

Will you be having a go? xx


  1. This looks interesting! I've never taken part in anything like this but I can imagine the benefits are so worth it! When you think, the cost of this probably amounts to the same in takeaway or unhealthy meals but you are doing so much better for your body. xx

  2. I can understand why some people would use this service, and have to admit the quality of food looks much better than I as originally thinking. It is such as shame that so many people just do not understand about food and calories, sugar and fat contents. This certainly removes the temptation people would face whilst doing there own shopping - only good food delivered to your doorstep!

    Angela - Garden Tea Cakes and Me

  3. This looks lovely, would love to try, thanks for sharing x

  4. That seems like a good price for the huge amount of food! I think I might have to investigate further x

  5. Seems like very good value anyway not including your discount. May give this a go


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