Supporting Your Breasts During Pregnancy and Nursing *REVIEW*

I have blogged countlessly about my ever changing boobs during pregnancy and, of course, now after birth they remain different. It's difficult to feel truly supported without an underwire, well... for a bigger busted woman like me anyway.

Then Carriwell got in touch and asked what my thoughts on their bra's would be and whether I would like to review one. The first bra that stood out to me was the Seamless GelWire Nursing Bra ...I craved an underwire again. Something to lift and shape my breasts again, providing the comfort I needed whilst accommodating my fluctuating size. 

The bra arrived in a clear sleeve, the packaging displaying their vast array of products that you may also wish to purchase - nice touch, especially had this not have been purchased by the wearer as they can be enlightened as to what else Carriwell offer.

My usual size would have made me a size L, but still milking and a little engorged so soon after pregnancy I decided to opt for the XL. The design of this bra ensures that it can cover a range of cup sizes, whilst the complimentary bra extender can assist in any varying back size during pregnancy and nursing too (no unsightly back fat when wearing this!) As my size returns back to normal, the bra will continue to fit with ease. It's so comfortable!

The straps are much wider than a normal bra strap, ensuring less strain on your shoulders and aiding good posture. The clasp can be opened and closed one handed, exposing the entire breast whilst still having a holster-like inner to continue supporting the breast - perfect for nursing.

I have previously reviewed the Cantaloop nursing bra HERE and gave it a good review due to its comfort and additional strap supports that you could detach and attach as and when. 
BUT, Ladies (and Gents if you're reading up on this kinda thing!)... The Carriwell Seamless GelWire Nursing Bra provides that extra full-cup support with the remarkable patent-pending GelWire. It really feels like an underwired bra when you're wearing it, I didn't feel the need to keep, ahem, adjusting myself. The band underneath the GelWire also provides a decent, additional, lift and support.

The bra is, indeed, seamless - as the description states. However, I will say that I personally felt that I couldn't wear a thin top with the bra. Nothing to do with it's design... but the outline of my breast pads were visible through the top. A personal gripe. But a gripe that made me a little self conscious! Having said that, all non-padded bra's are at risk of exposing a non-seamless breast pad anyway. I easily fixed this by wearing a vest over the top of the bra, just to add a bit more direct coverage. 

I was going to write my review immediately after wearing but decided to hold off at first. I wanted to run the bra through the wash to check the GelWire's reaction to being tumbled around the machine. Not one change in it's shape or support at all you'll be very pleased to hear!

Ultimately, I would have no problem in recommending this to any new mums or expectant mums - especially those with a larger bust needing that little extra cup support as well as wider straps for shoulder and back support. It will last throughout pregnancy and nursing thanks to it's cup sizing scale alongside the bra extender - you really won't need to worry about 'out-growing' this bra.
For these reasons, I will say that the £32 price tag (from More4Mums) is a good investment. 

Bottom line here is... Invest in those breasts!!

What bra did you opt for during pregnancy/nursing? 
Have you ever tried the Carriwell Seamless GelWire bra and, if so, what were your thoughts?


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