"So, how are we?" #BabyBabble

With every midwife, health visitor, neighbour, thing with a pulse, comes the obligatory pity filled fake caring coo of "So, how are we?"

What more can I do than smile, shrug my shoulders and go "Yeah! Good thanks" When realistically both them and I already know. Oh they can tell alright! Boiled crap is on a par with how I feel and most probably how I look - if I got half a chance to check my bad self out in the mirror that is.

Sheesh, I moaned about no sleep during pregnancy... what an idiot hahaha!
When I've had all of 45 minutes of sleep, collectively, by 4.40am and I feel like tearing my hair out and contemplating shedding every last tear I can muster... I somehow manage to smile. I get a moments peace between cries for the umpteenth bottle when that calm brief gaze of eye contact between me and baby happens ... I smile. I wouldn't change my crap-like physical and mental juxtaposition for anything in the world. I'm one lucky lil lady and I'll never forget it either... despite coming close when I'm cup-handed catching fluorescent yellow poo mid nappy change.

Who cares that I stink of baby sick and have ragged back hair because I don't. And anyone who does, isn't worth knowing in my opinion. The reality is, that "Yeah, Good thanks" is just enough of an answer to cover the mega-spectrum of ups and downs that new mums go through, without me having to bore them to death with feed times and bowel movements. (Babies bowel movements that is - just to be clear!)

So, let's face it, the question is rhetorical.

They don't actually expect you to answer in any other way.

So I let my, typically British, trait of politeness commence, bear those teeth and go... "Yeah! Good Thanks!" whilst I do my inner cringe, holding back on the major, minor details!


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  1. I remember the newborn phase well. When #3 was born I thought we had it all sussed. Third time around and all that. Throw in an undiagnosed double tongue tie and things get interesting lol. 18 months on and every time he wakes up in the night and nudges me for milk, I can't help but smile (on the inside at least, I'm still missing sleep, after all!) because I remember when he couldn't feed at all. Ahh the ups and downs of parenthood :-)

  2. Oh gosh, I remember that feeling and wanting to just blurt out "actually, I have been up most of the night, my boobs hurt, I haven't washed my hair in ten days, my house is a tip, my toddler ate chicken nuggets three times this week because frankly I haven't got the energy to fight her food fussiness, whilst juggling a newborn not sleeping, and wanting feeding hourly, and if I have to clean up cat sick one more time I may kill the cat" when all I would say was "I'm fine thanks". It's hard, I know. My son didn't sleep properly for nearly 3 years, so I did "I'm fine" whilst looking haggard and ragged for a long time!!

  3. I get a bit irked by the "how is she sleeping?" question, I want to say "She's 7 weeks old, how do you THINK she's sleeping?!" *tired mummy*


  4. I'm sitting here with baby sick of my shoulder so I can sympathise! Sometimes I wonder what people would do if we answered 'that question' honestly!

  5. I find myself saying my little girl has slept through even if she has had a bad night. Lol

  6. I feel exactly the same! My twins are 1 next week & it's much easier to say I'm fine than tell people the ins & outs of twin life!!

  7. it is indeed, a question where you can just smile and say "Im fine thanks", as im from a different culture and country we like to share everything with people bad and good, as its always nice to know someone else's opinion or even just to share without one's reply back

  8. Hey hun, I'll be linking tomorrow, got a post half written! I love this post, it's so honest but clearly so full of love xxx


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