Preventing Nappy Rash feat. Sudocrem Care and Protect

Just before Finley was due to be born, I was kindly offered a sample of Sudocrem Care & Protect.

Sudocrem is a household favourite with us anyway, it's so versatile I find it's the answer to most rashes or itchy spots - even works wonders on a bit of sunburn!
Sudocrem Care & Protect is different though - specifically designed to protect your baby's bottom from the causes of nappy rash. It's triple action formula creates a protective barrier, conditions the skin and Guards against infection to prevent nappy rash. It is hypoallergenic and contains vitamin E and provitamin B5 which help condition the skin.

I've been using my sample for the past week when Finely started with a red bum, poor little mite. It's not surprising our precious babes get some sort of sore rash given just how often they feed and need a change. I don't know about other parents but I find it quite upsetting. Especially when you see the discomfort in their little screwed up faces as you clean them up. Ahhh :-( *cue heart melt*

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A little about the actual product...
> An easy flip top cap means you can access your ointment without having to let go of baby.
> Tube is easily squeezable for release of the cream - no straining required as with some creams I've used in the past!
> The Care & Protect is an entirely different texture and appearance to that of Sudocrem Original. It is soft and much more pliable with a satin-like feel. This aids in the application to the skin as it doesn't drag, just glides right on.
> The scent is not as strong/harsh as Sudocrem Original.

Sudocrem Care & Protect is gentle enough to use as an ongoing prevention ointment.Wish I'd have twigged before the initial rash appeared, but I guess with a newborn you're trying to be as 'organic' as possible at first, what with health visitors and midwives telling you to only use water or olive oil on their skin until they're 6 weeks old. Pah! I feel bad for not using a preventative measure from the start. Especially having seen the major improvement in Finley's bum from first application of Sudocrem Care & Protect.

The sore rash eased almost completely by the end of the first 24hrs (using Sudocrem Original) and I now continue to use Sudocrem Care & Protect at every nappy change to prevent it coming back.

For obvious reasons, I can't go posting pics of the difference on here, but if you try it yourself you will see exactly what I'm talking about.

Oh... my fingers also feel softer too!!

What do you use to prevent or treat nappy rash? Have you tried Care & Protect yourself?

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  1. I use the standard pot of sudocrem for all sorts - minor burns, sunburn, spots, rashes - but I haven't tried this yet.

  2. Sudocrem is a staple in our house - In the bedrooms, in the change bag. You just can't beat it! x

  3. We tried Sudocrem & Metanium for N, nothing worked though :( In the end we had steroid cream on prescription - it was really really bad though. Sudocrem always worked for J though x

  4. I used this for Olivia still when her legs rub when shes hot or her slight excema flares up at the back of her knees, I have also heard it's amazing for wrinkles x

  5. I use Sudocrem on my little one all the time! I think its brilliant.


  6. I use sudocream but I've never tried this product, it sounds good xx


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