Photo-Gift Idea... Personalised Blankets!

All Personalised Blankets contacted me a couple of weeks ago. They are a Spanish company, looking at introducing their photo-gift products into the UK market, and asked me if I would like to try them out and share my review with you guys. 

Personalised blankets... with pictures as well as text... wow.

I didn't even know that this was possible. I mean I've heard of personalised clothing, but blankets? This was new to me and I was keen to get cracking in creating my design!

Their range includes slankets, towels, tapestry, throws, cushions - I could go on forever! I was being offered one of their most popular products, the Polar blanket 95cm x 140cm and these retail at 49 € . 

Quite a large size, my thoughts were running along the lines of using it on a child's bed or as a picnic blanket. So, I run through the designs on offer and spotted a beautiful bright blue blanket featuring cartoon animals and a rainbow along with a peg-line and spaces to pop your own photo's on. There is also a text space in the centre to personalise too. 

Designing my personalised blanket gift

Perfect for Finley to lay on, and eventually sit on, whilst playing I thought. The design was called 'Alfombra Actividades' which, funnily enough, translates to Carpet Activities!! You can view the entire design's range HERE.
Although the website has aspects of Spanish language, it's still pretty easy and straight forward to use. I chose 6 photo's of Finley that included Carson, myself and his Daddy and proceeded to upload them and I finalised my order.

I placed the order on the 16th May and it arrived by the 24th May. Incredible turnaround time in my opinion.

I squealed when I opened the blanket!

photo gift quality personalised blankets

I am SO impressed with the quality of the photo images embedded in the fleece of the blanket. I've never
seen anything like it before, it really is impressive. All of the personalised aspect was just perfect. The blanket itself was soft to the touch and of a great quality, not scratchy or thin or cheap looking. 

The cartoon animals were adorable with exquisite detail...

nursery personalised blanket

I half expected Carson to be fumingly jealous when he saw it but even he went "WOAH WOW!" when he saw his pictures where on there. I am mega pleased with this. It's definitely something I would think of when needing to purchase something a bit special for someone. Perhaps a Christening gift, or an engagement gift.

All personalised blankets uk

Currently they have an offer online for 20% off your order in June so if you have an occasion to buy for I would certainly suggest that you take a look this month. You'll be AMAZED at the range on offer!!


Thank you All Personalised Blankets for enlightening me, I'll treasure this for years and years to come

Have you ever had anything like this before - gifted or purchased?

DISCLAIMER: PR Sample received free of charge, all opinions are my own - open and honest as usual. 
I was not paid for this post.

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  1. Wow, this is such an amazing idea, though I've never heard of any companies offering this. I'll have to check out the company that sent you this and decide what I want on mine x

  2. OMG that is so so cute! What a lovely idea!

  3. This is amazing I think I will have to get one for Olivia she would love it! Can't wait to see it lucky Finlay xx

  4. This is beautiful! such a amazing idea, I have never seen something like this before.

  5. What an original idea - would make a lovely gift! Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested

  6. Wow I love this idea! I'm the same, never seen anything like it. It would be a good keepsake x

  7. Brilliant idea for photo gifts! I’ve been given lots of photo gifts myself, but I’ve never seen blankets anywhere, so thanks for sharing :)

  8. Great blog..........I'm going to present like this amazing gift for this new year to my family.Thank u very much for sharing this blankets


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