When an innocent comment offends

Beginning to feel quite proud of my bump, I was quite perturbed by a comment that questioned why I was 'different' to 'most other women'.

Firstly, I don't want to be like most other woman so should I really take offence?
Secondly, this comment came from a man so should I really care?

Err... hello! I'm super emotionally charged right now so yes I care and yes I take offence!! But god forbid I question those thoughts, for fear of being labelled an over dramatic mega-bitch. Instead I allow a hot burning tear to drip down my face and swallow the comments along with the rest of my gross cravings. Yum!

To begin with, I was fat at week 0 so straight away I'm 'different to most other women' in the eyes of a man anyway, especially if media is anything to go by. All these beautifully glowing, slender women with their clothing carving the world's perfect idea of a non-lumpy bump. (Jealous much?!)

Then comes the fact that no two bumps are ever the same, between separate people or separate pregnancies, so expecting my second makes for even more scrutiny and constant comparison anyway. Don't get me wrong, I do it myself... But that's allowed!! Not when someone else does coupled with a confused tone in their voice.

'Most other women' ... apparently... have a round bump at the base of their belly which grows at a much slower rate.

Now, mine is 'all front, everything grows with it - there's no ball at the bottom, like a pot belly'
I also appear to be much bigger at this stage second time round.

*OMG I've just had a good cry mid-post*

I literally cannot say, out loud, why this has upset me so much for fear of being ridiculed or laughed at or even making anyone annoyed with me.

I just feel like, how dare you? How dare you question why I'm different? Why are you so confused by my seemingly strange appearance?


I know, deep down, that this person would be devastated to know that their quip is the reason behind my being so upset, in fact I think it would make him just as upset as I am.

... oh to be 'normal' again.


  1. I don't have kids, so I guess I am probably not that different to man...but, having said that, I know how the hormones play games when you are pregnant.

  2. What 'other women' exactly? Because there's no body of 'other women' that you could be compared to because ALL women are different from all women, it's not you compared to them it's them compared them!

    I don't know if this makes any sense to you but it makes perfect sense to me. All bumps are different, all women are different. I'm sure yours is beautiful, as is someone's who is bigger and someone's who is smaller and someone's who is rounder and someones who is flatter... see where I'm going with that? xx


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