#SuperSundaySavings Week 1

As you'll remember reading here, you'll know I'm attempting to save £10 per week to assist in buying everything I need for our impending arrival! I aim to do this by saving £2 per working day.


What a terrible start!! Having had horrendous toothache and living on cocodomol last weekend, I'd managed to make an emergency dentist appointment but it was slap bang in the middle of the working day.
So, where I would normally get a free lift home from our van driver on a Monday, I had to shell out £3 train fare and an additional £7 taxi fare from the train station to the dentist. Devastation!!
The only plus side to this is that my boss let me work from home in the afternoon so I didn't have to spend that again getting back to the office.
Saved: £0

After yesterday, I simply took £2 out of my purse and put it in the cupboard in the kitchen - out of sight, out of mind.
Saved: £2

Another awful day! I had nothing in the house to take for my lunch so I had bought myself a tuna mayo sandwich for lunch from the shop when waiting for the bus in the morning. I decided against the obligatory diet coke and fruit salad, thus saving £2 wahooo.
UNTIL, in typical fashion for my life, lunchtime came and it was OUT OF DATE!
Cue pregnant emotional turmoil. I could have cried, I nearly did - my eyes were burning. How irresponsible of the shop owner not to check the stock dates and being tuna as well, for a pregnant customer, oh my days!
I had managed to find approx £2.20 in change in the bottom of my handbag and walked to the Subway in the rain to buy my lunch.
Saved: £0

Fuming with yesterday, I returned to the shop before my bus came in the morning and sounded off my disappointment. I then swapped the 2 day out of date tuna mayo for a 2 day in date egg mayo instead. For FREE, of course!
Saving: £2

Carson's dad bought salad stuff last night ready for Carson's lunch box today. He was also kind enough to make a lovely cheese salad for moi too.
Saving: £2


So, although I had extra expenditure, it all really was out of my hands so I'm going to discount being more in the red than in the black this week and go by what I did manage to actually save. I can see this being a lot more difficult than I had anticipated.

Week 1 total savings: £6/£10.

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  1. £6 is better than nothing well done you! I posted over at http://choccyaddict.wordpress.com

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