Pelvic Pain and SPD in Pregnancy

You're pregnant and you have been visited by the SPD Monster. Waaaa! 

Yup, Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction... a pain in the nether region.

Seriously! It's form can vary from mildly annoying to debilitating and although there are several symptoms that can arise, I'd like to share my personal symptoms: 
  • Feeling like I've been kicked between the legs
  • Sensation of severe bruising, and sometimes a strong burn on the pubic bone (Centre)
  • Right thigh bone grinding during attempts of movement up/down stairs or out of bed (since I started drafting this post last week, it now 'pops' out when walking upstairs)
  • A waddling gait
  • Inability to put on (or remove) knickers/bottoms/socks/shoes in a ladylike fashion
  • Grunting uncontrollably
  • Inability to physically move from a seated or lying position without pulling/pushing myself around 
  • Whinging
When I was expecting Carson, I suffered from this in a mild form in the much later stages, other than resting and keeping my legs closed there wasn't much to do. 

This time round it is enough to bring me to tears. My freedom has been torn away. I cannot even go from sitting to standing without it being blindingly obvious that there's something wrong. Backside poking outwards, knees bent, obligatory "oh uuuh aaarrgh", whilst building up the courage to take my first step and over thinking which foot to move first so as not to tumble or crumble.

Heck, it even upsets me when I have to explain what it is. I feel like I'm not doing my pain justice enough. No words can truly describe! Do you know what I mean?!

And then come the innocent questions that wind you up... "well, can't you do anything about it" ...  "strange, you never had it like this last time"... and instantly, the hormones kick in and make me want to tell those people to just piddle off. Especially when they have no kids themselves. I want to wave the book of Google in their faces and tell them to search for it themselves, if they don't believe me. 

What am I typing?! Of course they believe me...sorry guys, I'm just being melodramatic right now, it's because it's bed time and I'm dreading it!! Oh I can be an awful so 'n' so sometimes can't I!! What's happening to me?!

Anyway... on the basis of general advice, I've found that sitting on plastic bags do work - to a certain extent. But you can't sleep on them. Not a chance. The rustling and misplacing whilst attempting to roll over, just... no! 

As it stands - sleep is the main area for concern right now. I'm so tired that I can't remember the last time my eyes didn't burn and my head didn't pound when I had to get out of bed. 

I have a few products on the way to me to give a good whirl, and I'm hopeful that they'll help. I will be letting you all know whether they do help, and in what way. Knowledge is power!

Right now, I'll try anything. What have you found works?


  1. Yikes!! sounds scary!! On my way - 1st time :-)

  2. I suffered with this so I feel your pain! its horrendous & the only way to ease it is to rest. Hope you get some relief soon x

  3. Ouch - this sounds awful although I did giggle at 'grunting uncontrollably' - sorry! ;) #babybabble

    Jenna at Tinyfootsteps xx

  4. Oh wow, this sounds absolutely awful :/


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