*Review* Vinyl Clocks and Valentines

Think about it, what 2 'things' make you come over all warm and nostalgic? OK, so 'things' isn't the best way to describe these and you may not know where to start with that question (great opener, Jo... not!) but when I type them now, you will agree. Of that I'm sure!

Music and Aroma's.

They are the two strongest memory movers I know. You catch that one specific whiff of spring in the air and you're right back being 10 years old playing rounders with the neighbours in the park. A song comes on the radio and you're all like "OMG!" with your friends about that time you went on ice-skating and all ended up on your bums when trying to do this dance!

With 'memory movers' having the strongest capability of emotionally affecting you, surely you want to be looking at these kinds of gifts for Valentines day?

What you need are timeless memories. Cue Vinyl Records!


Beautifully packaged in several stages of careful protection - soft foam, a retro pizza-style box and delicate pink tissue within, it feels kinda special before you even get inside. A surprise note of love in each layer, gently reminding you of how to cherish it's glory, how special this item is, and the guarantees you have.

N'aaawwww, Sweet!

Seriously, this item was sent to me for the purposes of review so I kinda knew what was coming (to a certain extent), but if a significant other purchased this for me I would be speechless.
... First impressions? I. AM. MEGA. SPESH!

Without opening the box, you gather what you have. A Vinyl Clock (duh!) But when you open it up, revealing the pink-tissue covered protective foam, resembling a candy floss coloured record player ....

Vinyl Clocks: Love Me by Diana Ross

.... and, then, it hits you. It's a song with a message!! It's your song!!

Now, everyone has a song of significance. It goes back to my 'memory movers' point at the beginning of this post. Even if you can't hear music, you can feel music. That's what makes it so romantic in itself. So, to have your song gifted to you in a truly 'timeless' fashion that can be displayed in any room is the height of thoughtfulness.

It comes with a battery ready to pop in and go and ... get this... ironically, it is silent! No pesky ticking or tocking or 'needle jumping' (see what I did there?) - the second hand has that of a sweeping motion so you get a gloriously chic twist on a retro product.

Head over to vinylclocks.com and you will see the vast range of vinyl they have, ranging from the 60's to 2010's, 7" singles to 12" albums, and even picture clocks. Why not simply browse their entire list of number ones?

Be it for sending a message, like this: The Beatles: Love Me Do / PS. I Love You for just £19.95, or that song you first danced together to at that Disco in the 80's: David Bowie: Let's Dance for £34.95 - You are bound to find what you're looking for for that special someone this valentines day.

Mine, now takes pride of place on the back of the living room door and it looks fab! Don't you think??

What's the best Valentines' Day gift you ever received/bought? Would this be a choice for you?


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