*REVIEW* Stone Bridge Hair Accessories #2

As a reader of Coming from Carsonsmummy you have probably already read my previous review of www.stone-bridge.co.uk Stone Bridge Hair Accessories, from back in September 2012.  If not click here to read the first review before reading on!

Ok... so now you know how I felt first time round, was second time round going to be any different?


My package arrived in neat, crisp, brown paper sealed with a label. Which, by the way, is purely intended to excite the living kahuhna's out of you. I was like "OMG It's here!!"

On opening the package, I was greeted with the same delicate tissue, tied with red ribbon, just as I had done previously.

The product in question was HEEERE!!!

And, more to the point, it was specially chosen in line with my features, from hair colour to hair type. Stone Bridge is not just an online shop. They offer bespoke guidance as to what would suit you best within your budget.

My item was this....


The stunningly striking  Galaxy Swarovski Crystal Large Barrette in  Purple Andromeda, perfect for medium to thick hair or, in my case, long fine hair (but a lot of it!).

I need to tell you that this barrette is not cheap. Far from it.

Carefully handmade, inclusive of 105 swarovski crystals and an exceptionally strong clasp. It's currently retailing at £147.


I held my hair as if to place it in a pony tail, but twisted the hair whilst lifting upwards. I then folded the twist back down on itself so it fanned out slightly and allowed 'messy' layers to fall out of the twist.

I grabbed the barrette, slid the clasp's arm under the fold and popped the shell down in place.


My boring 30 second up 'do' has been transformed immediately with a classy sparkle and a strong hold. With a little tug here and there to make it truly an 'effortless' hair-up style, I end up with this...


We've all had those cheap plastic-clasped barrettes from the local discount store/market stall and you've probably had great use out of it's £5-odd price tag, but ask yourself the following:
1. Did your hair feel defiantly held in place?
2. Were you confident in it's ability to do the job, given your thick/long hair?
3. Did you have a sparkle to your hair that wasn't just glitter or diamante's?
My guess to all of the above is no, because I certainly haven't and I have tried something rotten let me tell you. If you did - how long did it last before breaking?

It is available in other colours, Deep Space (a kind of charcoal blue colour) and Orion Nebula Pink (a more coral-like colour to my Purple Andromeda) so whether brunette, blonde, ginger or red... whatever colour really, any of these options should suit.

This special item leaves you feeling confident in the hold and style of your hair, and do it in ruddy style! From the product performance right down to the packaging, you know that you're getting what you're paying for. I know that the £147 price tag is not small. It's not something I could afford, that's for sure, but wow... If I could, I would. In my own honest opinion...  the quality, quite simply, speaks for itself. It truly does.

What's the best best hair accessory you've ever had?


  1. Ooh that looks lovely! I usually avoid putting my hair up, as it NEVER stays in place! I think i might be brave enough to try an up do now!

  2. Honestly, it's super strong - you won't even think twice about whether it's falling out! xx

  3. It's very pretty and looks lovely in your hair x

  4. I think it looks really, really nice and I want one, but the price tag!!! Woah! It's an investment piece.


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