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Well, it was a rainy day (as usual) and nothing much going down on twitter 'til I get a DM notification. It was only bloomin' ToxicFox asking if I would like to review a ClaireaBella product... 
carsonsmummy review, claireabella bag
EEEEP!! Love it!

I literally bit their poor hands off, I could not quite believe my luck!

In fact, when I first started Twitter in January of this year, one of the first people I was following was ClaireaBella, she has such a buzzing fan base - utterly incredible! 

I've had my eye on one of the babies for a long time, hinted several a bajillion times to hubby that it's top of my Christmas list and even saved the link as a favourite on our laptop LOL. (Men, when will they learn?!)

See me twinkle, see me shine!
I knew it wasn't to be a personalised bag (err...hello?! so what, I'm still getting one!!), but if you do want one personalised, it's easy to do.

Choose hair style & colour, eye colour, dress style and even skin tone (something I hadn't even thought about to be honest... these guys think of everything, no?) Check out how you can choose your own personalised Polo Jute bag. 

Not just easy to navigate, but excitingly interactive too - thumbs up ToxicFox!

Funky Font
Personally, I was devastated they sent me a blonde one when I'm the total opposite, but that can't affect my review. One thing I was nervy about too was that my expectations where high, super duper high. That's not always a good thing when doing a review as there is more chance of disappointment should it not live up to what you think/hope.

But this totally aside, here are my thoughts.... 
Firstly, the loving workmanship gone into these hand painted bags are exceptional, every detail spot on including beautiful diamantes in the pupils and glitter in the dress and hair. 

A mega glam babe presents herself on the bag, next to the typical quirky ClaireaBella calligraphy down the side - also glittered too (which, again, you can personalise if you wanted!)

The bag by the way is thicker and stronger than I imagined. It can really hold some weight without any strain on the handles. Great for packed lunches - and at 21cm wide, 15cm high and a 10cm gusset - perfect size too! 

You're telling me?!
I used it as my lunch bag the past 3 days and it's been absolutely spot on. 

Lunch this week mostly consisted of tangerine, apple, banana, yoghurt and a small batch (barm/roll whatever word you use!) of some sort! Regardless of what it was, it had plenty of space and the gusset didn't sag or weigh down - always a sign of good quality, I'm sure you'll agree.

Should you have larger lunches than I (UNLIKELY!), or would rather use a ClaireaBella bag as a full blown handbag/change bag/gym bag/you-whole-life-bag, there are sizes that will suit! The Polo Jute that I'm reviewing here retails at £24.99, there are medium and large jutes available too from £32.99.

Take a look!

Yum, Lunch!
I was 'lucky' enough to be able to fully test this bag... as it piddled down with rain on Tues and Weds evening on the way home from work. The paint is totally in tact, a few bits of glitter transferred on to my bag, but it's glitter - that's what it was born to do! The bag was totally unaffected and the contents were not wet at all.

** I was asked at the bus stop by a random where I got my bag from! This person was a MALE! 
(Lucky, Lucky Lady!)

** I overheard 2 girls, roughly 20 years old, in Liverpool City Centre dramatically exclaim "OH MY GOD IT'S CLAIREABELLA!"

** I've got my friend asking to book a date to 'come visit her' << yes... the bag, not me! Thanks Tracey!! 

General consensus from others was W.O.W!!

And I don't blame them. Total quality, not a sniff of it being thrown together - in fact, the 15 working day despatch time for personalised bags prove this - time, love, care and quality. Oh, an glamour baby! 

I felt like everyone was looking at me when I was holding this bag, and not in a bad way. This is the answer to my question the other month - how can I look fashionable and sexy when I'm fat? 

WITH A ClaireaBella BAG, THAT'S HOW!!

carsonsmummy claireabella bag review

10/10 ... and now I'm looking at hoodies and mugs... :-)

Have you had a ClaireaBella product, what did you think? 
All comments appreciated - Love ya's, Love me xx

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  1. So....... when am i coming to see her? haha glad they're as good you'd expect them to be tho!
    esp as ive just ordered one as a bday present.


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