'Onesies' - Yay or Nay?


The ultimate comfort inducing loungewear item ever? Or the most ridiculously unflattering, impractical garment since wearing leather pants during a night on the fizz?

Well... I must admit I loved the idea for Carson - it reminded me of him being a baby and all wrapped up warm *Awww*!! Then when I saw they were becoming 'fashionable' for adults I cringed. Cringed beyond belief.
I mean, yes OK... great idea for a cosy night in but for winter, seriously? Who wants to go the loo and have to practically strip off each and every time?

I was so anti-onesie - not to mention the fact I am fat. I'd look like an actual blob. So unflattering! Bleurgh!

Then we had an X Factor PJ party on Saturday. My friend, Steph, invited Carson and I to her house to have a nice little sleepover to try and cheer me up a little. We packed Carson's Trunki with sensible PJ's and slippers and a toothbrush and off we toddled expecting munchies, mugs of tea and mediocre TV performances.

On our arrival "I've got a surpriiiiiiiiiiiise for you" shrieked Steph, with no attempt to hide her glee! She re-appeared with a Primark bag for Carson and a Primark bag for me.

Yup.... Onesies!!!

Carson looked absolutely adorable - See for yourself!!

At 8 quid a pop, you can't go wrong really, he thought he was a monster for the night and relished in his totes amazeballs  get-up! NOTE: Leave the button at the top open, else there may be little accidents! The zip is easy for him to pull down though in a loo emergency but the button is too high for him to look down at what he's doing!!

Mine was a bright Pink one with no feet (because Steph has unbelievable canoe sized feet yet she was insistent that we needed matching ones LOL) two white pompoms and a hood.

I must admit I was a little excited, it really did the trick in making me smile. But I was going against everything I believed in by agreeing to wear the same as my sister from another mister!

Hey ho, I stripped down and whacked it on, I felt like a proper little teenager and had a excitable giggle on the go whilst I zipped it up. Not gonna lie, I have a small torso and I only just about got away with not having the dreaded camel toe despite loads of room in the rest of it. Steph, on the other hand, being about 4" taller than me with a significantly longer torso... ahem!
Primark, Please, for the love of our eyeballs, make these available for tall people!!!!

Och..... I give in.

They are bloomin' fantastic! So cuddly and warm and, even, comforting in a way. I felt all loved and wrapped up in cotton wool - Thanks Steph!!
Ok so they aren't particularly flattering but who actually cares? They're not the sort of thing you would wear in order to impress anyone anyway?

Even going for a widdle wasn't all that bad, quick zip down and a shrug of the shoulders and that was all. a BIT of a shock to the system having been so warm then topless all of a sudden, but as soon as you re-zip you forgot what the major fuss was about and feel cuddly all over again.

Wouldn't recommend sleeping in them, when you toss and turn you find yourself getting caught up in it a bit, but it might have been because there was so much room inside it, I don't know.

Here we are....

Anyway, what do YOU think?

Onesies... Yay or Nay? Would love to hear your thoughts!

Thanks for reading my ramble! xx


  1. Hehe those are fabulous! I love the fairaisle print and pom poms and the one for Carson is very cute!

    I had a leopard print one ages ago but rarely wore it as I realise how horrendous a full on leopard print onsie was!! I do quite want one now!

  2. I was SO anti-onesies for years and then my husband bought me one as a joke, because he knew how much I hated them, and I love it! So comfy and I could live in it haha


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