Boux Avenue Opening in Liverpool One

Today was the day that Liverpool gained an upmarket lingerie haven in Boux Avenue, as Theo Paphitis  personally opened his 14th UK store, in the heart of the fashion conscious shopping platform - Liverpool One. 

Launched in 2011, we knew what was to be heading our way: Lingerie, nightwear and accessories galore, presented in a chic modern outlet with an air of vintage vamp.
I was so excited to receive an invite from Fluorescent PR to attend the press preview prior to the store's official opening.

Digital POS Displays and Drawers of Stock!
It gave me a real chance to see how and why Boux Avenue is the way it is. What can I expect as a customer?

Well first off, I notice that everything is pretty high up,  hanging waist high or above. (See right)

As a mummy - this is wicked! 

No babies/toddlers grabbing and touching and generally annoying the life out of you whilst you're trying to buy something in an attempt to feel sexy again - YAY! 

Free Reign to Root and Find!

The reason that there are no lower hanging items are the fabulous drawers with further stock available, catalogued beautifully in size segregated drawers. 

I'm usually clambering through hangers, elbow deep, for the bigger sizes normally hidden at the back and being just 5 foot 4.5 inches I can't even clamber through the racks high up - embarrassing! 

Gone are the days of having to ask staff "do you have this in size X please?" For me, this idea works - aesthetically and practically. 

Well done!

Digital frames are on the counters in place of the usual marketing posters/leaflets. This allows you to see images and videos of how the items nearby will look and sit on a person. 

C'monnnn! - We've all been there haven't we? - Seen something on the hanger and thought it was hideous, tried it on for a laugh and it was actually really very nice? 

Bridal Section - Easy to find!
Mannequins are all very well and good to get a grasp of how to wear something, but unless you have a perfectly proportionately shaped body and trounce around town in a very sultry pose all day long, the liklihood of the garment actually wearing as it does on the mannequin is very slim. 

Watching a group of woman frolic around in their negligee is somewhat more realistic as to how it will wear on the consumer - plus it will keep your hubby-in-tow a happy guy whilst you blitz the credit card!! (Trust me, you'll want to!)

SPORTS: Pink-Crop, Blue-Bra.

In terms of stock, I was helpfully informed by Debbie Duckett, Buying Director, and Sue Finch, Merchandising Director, that they hold a massive number of 63 individual bra sizes within Boux Avenue - including clustered sizes for the likes of the Sexy Plunge Bra which has oodles of versatility and can accommodate various shapes and sizes just by twiddling the strap lengths. 

This mahoosive number of bra sizes coupled with clothing and knickers range from a size 6 right up to size 20, there really should be something for everyone. 

There are options for everyday wear, sexy and daring ranges complete with suspender belts and stockings - of which Boux Avenue's sales have boomed in recent months (Fifty Shades anyone?!) 

Hey, these guys even stock sports bras & crop tops, albeit only up to a size 34DD or 16 respectively. Please go bigger!!

And then there are the pyjamas. OMG! Lounge-wear heaven! 
Seriously, from sexy-time to lazy-time, from a size 6 to a size 20, you got it! 

Oh, and slippers... and hot water bottles too.... which I spotted at the Accessory Table.

Yup, Boux Avenue isn't all just about the clothing, with a lovely centre pieced table attracting your eye - you'll find all kinds of beautiful trinkets such as eye masks, mini photo frames, hand cream, lip balm, tissues, mirrors. 

I could go on forever - but just see what's on offer for yourself and the pictures below give you an idea of how you'll find them at Liverpool One store. 


Browsing the fitting rooms, I was impressed to see three options for lighting: Day, Dusk and Night.
Never in my life have I seen that before, I'd never even thought about it really, but with hindsight - yes... lighting really affects how you perceive yourself in changing rooms doesn't it? 

With a concierge intercom service to give you any help you need from the comfort of your own fitting room rather than redressing, going back on to the shop floor and changing the size/style before returning back to the fitting room and undressing again - I felt special! 

I chose to utilise the bra fitting service during my visit - something I shy away from doing after a less than pleasant experience a few years ago in Marks and Spencers - as the staff were so friendly. 

The girls working in this store are just like you and I - they want a service that provides you with the answers you need and, well, a bloomin' good bust to be proud of so don't be shy any longer girls. Go for it!

I was measured how I wanted it to happen. Not instructed to strip and turn around like previous experiences, it was however I was comfortable to be fitted - over my top, under my top? After being measured by the lovely Katie, she proceeded to choose a variety of bras and return for me to try and although I wasn't asked my style preference beforehand, I was surprised to find that the balconette bra chosen really did suit me - despite this not being a style I would usually have looked at. They have the power to know what suits!

There is no real right or wrong way to choose a bra once I was measured up either. If I felt I wanted a looser back size, I could, but ultimately the bra would still fit me as cup sizes can be reflected accordingly. 
All women are different afterall! At the end of the service, you are provided with a card that states you bra size - down to which hook you should fasten it on, your recommended bra style and the lady who fitted you. All in a handy purse size to refer back to ... or leave out for hubby to notice... seeing as Christmas is coming ;-)

Thanks for having me Boux Avenue and Flourescent PR - It was an experience to remember and I can't wait to delve into the new world of lingerie & PJs that I've discovered. 

Alas I didn't get a photo with the lovely Theo Paphitis, but he was all tied up with radio interviews and his photocalls so I can't finish with a celeb shot. However......

Dear Santa, Please can you fit me with my own light-altering dressing room at home?!

(Psssst.... Theo is gorgeous in real life by the way ladies!)                                                                                                                                                      


  1. It sounds really good! Love how you can choose how want sort of lighting you want, proper swanky haha! xx

  2. Thanks Rebecca, it really is swanky, but without being pretentious!

  3. Great post:) I love Boux Avenue the changing rooms are just amazing:)

    Btw you look fabulous:)


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