Syn free snack? Grabits!

I was sent some new and pretty unusual snacks to taste towards the end of last year and all I've heard since they ran out is "Muuuum, when can I have more chicken on a stick for my lunch boxes?"

syn free snack

Yes. Chicken on a stick. Such a simple idea, yet one that I'd not ever seen before! The best thing about them? They're syn free - if you're a lover of Slimming World, you'll appreciate this hugely, I'm sure.

Grabits Original Chicken on a Stick offers natural, meaty, 100% real, ready-to-eat chicken breast, perfect for snacking on their own, or quickly and simply adding to a salad or curry, with fewer than 70 calories per stick. 

Just because you're on slimming world though, doesn't mean you can't introduce a flavoured snack as well. With Grabits Chinese Chicken on a Stick, made from 100% whole muscle, healthy chicken, you can have a flavoursome snack with, again, fewer than 70 calories per stick.

syn free satisfying snack

The above picture shows the sheer size of these hunger-busting treats. Hint: that's on a dinner plate, not a side plate!

At the beginning of this post, I mentioned Carson wanting them for his lunch box again. That's because Grabits really are suitable for all the family. Instead of a sandwich, Carson loved having one of these with some cherry tomatoes and cheese chunks. From what he tells me, his classmates were a little on the jealous side too.

For those who've started a gym membership as part of their New Year's Resolutions - these pack away a huge 12g of protein per portion, making it perfect to take as a pre or post-workout snack.

They didn't last long in our house as, between Carson and I, we found new ways to utilise them and quickly! He gobbled them instead of crisps at home as well as taking in his lunch box for school. I made salads with them to take to work, or snacked on them in between meals at home. Grabits actually suggest using the Chinese ones in a meal of boiled rice, soy sauce and sliced spring onion for an easy-to-prepare Chinese-style lunch. How's that for a tasty, quick meal? And with an RRP of £1.69, it's pretty cost effective too. *Shred the takeaway menu!*

You can purchase these in shops like Spar, Costcutter, Londis etc. which is great for a snack on the go if you're passing. However, having said that you can see here that they're also available in Budgens and we recently have had one appear in our home town. Great to pick up during a proper shop too! 

Follow Grabits on Twitter or facebook for meal ideas, competitions and new flavour announcements, or if you prefer looking at pretty pictures, follow them on Instagram too. 

Tell me, is this a snack you'd try? Have you tried them already and, if so, do share your ways of eating them with us.


  1. I never would of guessed they were healthy and syn free! they taste far too good to be either. I've avoided eating them as often as I would of liked as I didn't think they would be healthy haha, I think the price is a little high but I guess for taste and that it's healthy,I can't complain too much haha. wish could bulk buy them for cheaper for lunch boxes !
    but yes. only tried Chinese but myself and my child love them! we were going to try make our own to be healthy but I guess the store bought ones are safe to eat! thanks for this review!

  2. ah. . me again, I've just told my child it is healthy ,his mind is completely blown ,at 7years old he knows that if it tastes so good,it should be unhealthy haha! he's made up that we can eat them guilt free!

  3. I really wish supermarkets would stock these lovely snacks. They are great for slimming world but just can't get hold of them!


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