Eggs at Christmas - Rant of The Week

Now this post was originally scheduled for New Year but, for some reason (possibly the delayed Millenuium bug?) it didn't post. But here we go anyway, it's relevant all the same...

Now that the Christmas festivities are over and we embark on a fresh start and a New Year.... who's looking forward to Easter?


I was shopping at Asda on December 28th and when I was in the queue, I was greeted by this ridiculous lovely offering at the till.

What is with shops? Seriously, why are they a full quarter ahead of us - there's so much pressure on the consumer it's unreal.

It's bad enough that in the Winter looking for coats or boots is impossible because it's all about the sheer blouses and peep toe wedges for Spring, but to prolong our Crimbo gorging with an Easter range before the year is out is just unspeakable.

Easter is late this year too - in the middle of April as opposed to in March like last year.

Piddle off! I still have mince pies in the cupboard for God's sake.

It's no wonder people seem to be both putting their trees up and taking their trees down earlier and earlier these days. We're being forced to join in with their ridiculous schedules.

Can we not enjoy a season for what it is any more?

That's my rant of the week. And... I refuse to even look at a Creme Egg until at least Valentine's Day has been and gone.

I'm cracking up here, it's no yolk. Do you succumb to the supermarket's poaching of your purse contents or are you just as fried as I am by the whole thing?

Excuse the puns - my brain's scrambled - I don't know what month it is. Cheers Asda!!

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  1. My fella works in a High street shop and on Boxing day he was putting Easter eggs on the shelves...It seems so wrong!


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