Why Autumn is my favourite fashion season.

That heatwave ended pretty dramatically didn't it? Some of those storms were absolutely incredible, if a little terrifying I must admit. So summer is drawing to an end and it's nearing my favourite time of year - Autumn.

Breathing in the crisp , fresh morning air whilst crunching the fallen auburn shaded leaves underfoot. Oh, and layers!

This time last year, blouse and jumper time!

Ahh yes, layers, my absolute favourite way to dress. There's no need for the winter coats yet, people. Unless, of course, the flushed and melted make-up face is the look you're aiming for? You see for me, autumn isn't necessarily cold, but definitely changable. More winds, more rain, but definitely still pretty decent mid-teen temparatures.

Layering is the ultimate in practical versality, keeping you warmer when those winds are blowing a gale but giving the freedom to cool down discreetly and stylishly when required.

One of my favourite ways to do this is by investing in one or two staple knits and pairing them with vests or a tee underneath. Opt for a blouse for a more professional outfit at the office. Choosing high quality knitwear will last throughout the season without bubbling or stretching. *Hint* if choose single coloured styles they're super easy to accessorise and for dressing both up and down.

All the layers! Vest, net knit and scarf

Dress scarves are also incredibly handy when it comes to layering. Drape around the neck, un-fastened for a cool accessory-like feel, or loop around for some extra warmth around the neck and chest areas.

Another of my favourites is something I've blogged about before - Wingz. If you can't bear to part with your summer wardrobe just yet, then wingz add sleeves to any top, instantly. There's so many styles to choose from that you will never have a problem matching them to your favourite dress or swing vest.

So many options!! I'm looking forward to the cooler days now, I really am. I can't be the only one either, surely? Tell me how you feel about losing the warm weather.

Do you have any tips of your own to get through Autumn that you'd like to share?

*A collaborative post, in partnership with David Nieper


  1. What I love to do for fall is have my black lace up winter boots on and knee length socks on over my jeans but push them down so they're ruffles above my boots like leg warmers. So cosy and cute!

  2. I love autumn, it's a time when we can start picking new clothes and change the wardrobe into something more cosy!

  3. Love the last outfit. I too love dressing for autumn the most. I get fed up of being hot, I just want to be snuggly!

  4. I love Autumn! I love being cosy but still not needing to wear a jacket. Although right now it had been hot and wet! Can't wait for the temperature to drop a bit

  5. I love autumn for the exact same reason! Although we kind of need warm jackets already in Norway starting from somewhere in October.

  6. What I love most in Autumn is the layering in outfit and the boots! Of course, the stunning shades of the season.

  7. I get so excited for autumn fashion too. I absolutely love to layer and lots of chunky knitwear is such a fun way to do it! x

  8. Oh I do love autumn and crisp, dry days. We are going to Menorca on Saturday though so we will have some more sunshine first! Kaz x

  9. Lovely photo's, I'm so excited for Autumn too! Can't wait for wearing all the jumpers! xo


  10. Autumn is lovely, I like when it's not as hot as summer but not rainy. This year I am avoiding autumn and winter, I am moving to Abu Dhabi in October.

  11. Autumn's definitely my favourite season. And I love scarves. Somehow if your neck's warm then you don't feel the chill as much

  12. Ohh I love autumn fashion, too! And layers atw here! Lol I'm definitely a sweater weather kind of girl. Glad I'm not alone.


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