Reigniting 'date nights'

Together for 9 years, the majority of the hubby and I's 'togetherness' has been in the role of a parent or the house cleaning tag team! Aside from our anniversary back in July when we managed to get a night away in The Village Hotel together, I honestly can't remember the last time my hubby and I went on a date together. 

Night out for my best friend's mum's 60th birthday

If my memory serves me right, our dates have also been pretty casual. None of this glamming up in dresses and suits , but more a jeans and tee affair. Cinema going or having a couple of drinks in the local Wetherspoons is pleasant enough but sometimes we deserve a little more.

I'm sure a lot of you guys will know that I do love to enter a good competition or two when I get the chance and I've made it my mission to find the ultimate additions to make us feel great enough, and confident enough, to go somewhere really romantic.

The last time we got proper-glammed up was around 3 years ago!

An uber glam dress, for me - something long, elegant and slightly glitzy will do just fine! A couple of suits for him, preferably a 3 piece, because the hubby does love a good waistcoat or jumper himself. In fact, men's suits are a must for an Autumn wardrobe, I think. Easy to dress both up and down with perfect layering opportunities for the changeable autumn weather. Yes that's right, men do layers too, you know!

A win for a night away somewhere would be lovely too. It saves all the messing around with taxi's getting home and, instead, we can chill out exactly when and however which way we fancy. Not to mention worrying that the postman will knock and wake us up in the morning way too early on the day that we have no kids to wake us up - why does that always happen?! 

The little things are the biggest sometimes.

Whilst winning these things aren't guaranteed and with Christmas creeping into sight there are ways we can ensure that date nights can happen indoors at low cost, for the times we have no one to sit for the kids. I remember once, I came home from work to a home made dinner, surrounded by haribo hearts, with flowers and oil burners lit, and it was just the sweetest thing. The kids were already sorted and in bed so we could eat in peace with a glass of wine then watch a movie together. It's things like this that make someone swoon!

I do still want the opportunity to totally get dressed up and get out. I think everyone would like that once in a while though wouldn't they, not just me being high maintenance for once?!

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  1. I am like you in that I very rarely get glammed up. I am more a jeans girl! I do love date nights and also date days out!

  2. i love date nights where i can get dressed up and get out there even if its not a special occasion. plus it's also a reason to go shopping too haha

  3. Ooh I do love a man in a suit!! You deserve a glam night out together. X

  4. This is lovely, I think me and my boyfriend should put more effort into date nights. We had an evening picnic a few weeks ago which was really lovely though!

  5. Awwwww I hope you get to have a proper glam date night in a hotel soon but you are so right - just having any kind of date night, big or small is so important and the little things are sometimes the most special. That Haribo surrounded dinner is too cute!

    Thanks for sharing!

    Leigh at Fashion Du Jour LDN x

  6. Date nights are fab but with kids they seem like a luxury these days.

  7. I love date nights with my boyfriend. We have a lot, sometimes we get glammed up and go on somewhere nice. Sometimes we have a night in.

    As long as we get quality time together we're happy!


  8. Comping's wonderful isn't it! It can lead to nights doing things you'd never expect! I hope you win something fantastic for a great date night together

  9. There is nothing better than getting dressed up. Fingers crossed you win something good for a really special night together.


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