Toxic Fox Valentines Gift Ideas for Men

Do you go for something serious or something smushy where a partner is concerned? For me, personally, it's my hubby that does the romantic stuff - not me. That's not to say that I don't want to, he just doesn't particularly care for it when aimed at him. I like to opt for things of a useful nature, or humorous. Nowt like a smile (or having a household chore completed thanks to my gift!)

Toxic Fox have some unusual ideas for someone like me to buy for someone like my hubby. They kindly sent a couple for me to take a look at and share my honest opinion with you all.

First up... The Ultimate MAN Bowl. Genuinely, made me LOL. It's right up my hub's street, this.

A truly huge 'dog bowl' just for the greedy guzzling love of your life. (Bizarrely, it's Bran Flakes my hubby can't get enough of!) A nice cuboid box - easy to wrap, and large - impressive... Seriously, this thing is mahoosive, hide the ice cream!

Retailing at £14.99, the bowl itself is quality ceramic, both dishwasher and microwave safe. Not a cheap and naff 'joke', but something actually worth your money.

I personally love the lip around the edge, it catches those annoying drips of soup and such that I normally have to scrub off of his shirt.

If a bowl's not really your idea of love and stuff, how about this Hot Stuff Heat Changing Mug?

A cheeky bargain at just £7.99 and comes in a box so, yet again, no awkward wrapping this year! An inconspicuous black mug, that suddenly reveals what you really think of them - but only once they've brewed up... (Coffee please!)

These 2 are the kind of things that I'd opt for for my hubster. It's just who we are - silly! What kind of couple are you?

You see, Toxic Fox don't just list what they have available, they sort it into categories that you can easily identify with such as Crazy, Romantic, Rude, Bunny Boilers (HA!), Unusual, Personalised and Cheeky. Why not take a look HERE and see what category you fall into?!

To make things even better, I've teamed up with Toxic Fox to give you a 10% discount (valid 'til 15/02 on all of the valentines categories except the 3-4-2), by using the voucher code: TFLove

Let me know what category you fall into, and what you're planning on buying your loved one this year?

Much Love xxx

I was sent the above pictured items FOC for purpose of review 

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  1. I love the man bowl, it's so funny. Thank you for the ideas


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