Have you applied for Flexible Working?

When Carson was 3 years old, I applied for flexible working as the cost of nursery was just far outweighing my wage, travel and time taken out of the day. I was lucky if I saw my baby awake for 20 mins a day and it was having a profound affect on my ability to enjoy life as a mum, wife or an individual. We just had to do something about it.

This time round, with Finley, it was my hubby who applied for flexible working under his right to do so as a parent. The process was quick, simple and successful and now means that we don't have to use a nursery to raise Finley whilst we both work our socks off to pay for the 'privilege'.

GoToMeeting (www.gotomeeting.co.uk) have recently released an infographic relating to Flexible Working in order to enlighten parents who may never have thought about it before.

Flexible working is there for the benefit of both employers wishing to gain the best potential out of their workers and parents wishing to strike that (almost!) perfect work/life balance. Don't be afraid to enquire - you're well within your right to do so!

Have you had any experience of flexible working? If so, how did you find it?

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  1. I work in an office and I have just started working from home for 1 day per week. It's amazing how much it helps the work-life balance with no commuting.

  2. Flexible working hours are better all round. I think children benefit from the quality time with parents, whilst employers get happy workers giving their all.


  3. I'm a manager and all of my colleagues are flexi workers. They all have a form where they tick when they can work and that's what their contract is based on, then I offer out overtime depending on their availability window. Although it's a good system, it does mean everyone is part time rather than full time.

    Corinne x

  4. Thank you so much for all of the information! Great articles, love your blog!

  5. Very good information. I ended up being a stay at home mum, because I wasn't able to get flexible working hours.


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