Schools and 'Lost Property'

I got sick to the back teeth of the number of jumpers Carson was losing at school (I'm talking double figures between Sept and October half term - honest to goodness, I was raging!!) that one day I went straight to the main office at the end of the day and demanded I look in lost property myself for them because they can't just 'vanish'.

In the case of me searching for Carson's stuff, they weren't there. Not one single jumper that belonged to him. Well, his lost clothing did have his name in so I guess it's no wonder they weren't there, right?

Well, what appalled and shocked me MORE than not finding his entire wardrobe conveniently sat there washed, ironed and folded was that around half of the great big wooden chest, stuffed with hardly worn items varying from polo tops and coats (that look like they cost a fair bit of dollar by the way), to a school shoe (who loses a single shoe?) actually had names in. 

Surely when they're in lost property it's because they CANNOT trace locate the owner? 

Now, Carson's school has a yard sale at the end of term with the lost property. Anything not claimed is laid out on the ground and available to buy if you fancy a little bargain. 

Having never been to or bought anything from these yard sales, I can't say whether the labels are still in tact when available to buy but how convenient that not a lot of items are claimed? (ahem, #moneyspinner much?) 

Like I said earlier in this post, if your child's items have names stitched/ironed/written in then you wouldn't expect it to wind up in lost property would you? It's not lost, it j ust needs returning to the classroom it was found in!  I guess what I'm saying is go take a look - just in case!

Why teachers can't say to their classes at the end of the day "Do you have what you came in with?" I just don't know. I can't afford 8-10 jumpers every half term, even George's £4-a-pop ones. That's 40 quid every 6 weeks! I'm debating on having a uniform surgically attached this next term. Wonder how much that would be...

In all seriousness though - have you had much of a loss this school year so far? How do you find the "lost property" these days?


  1. I used to fear that Lost Property box at school, it would be full of unwashed items...

  2. Oh gosh....That is a lot of jumpers lost in a few months....
    I have a issue with how my girls school handles their lost property....Every few months they put everything out on a table at the end of the school day for people to claim if it is theirs.....My girl had lost a Frozen hat and it was put out on the table....Some parent claimed it as their own. I had words and they thought anything on the table was free to take!! Grr!

  3. I know exactly what you mean, it seems that little man loses lots of jumpers, scarves, hats and gloves! x

  4. Makes you wonder why on earth you should waste the time putting their names on in the first place. Our school is just the same. I don't understand either why when it goes home with another child, it isn't sent back. I mean you notice when you're ironing it, if it has a different name in don't you?


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