Shopping at Toxic Fox for Christmas

Having worked with Toxic Fox around 18 months ago in reviewing a ClaireaBella bag, when I was asked if I would like to check out some of their hot gifts for this festive season I was more than happy to help them out.
I was sent 4 products, 2 of which were personalised, and let me tell you I was squealing like a baby goat when I received them! If you've been reading my blog for a while you'll know that personalisation is my fave word this year and my expectations were more than met. 

Here are my thoughts on 4 super-hot gifts to buy this Christmas from 

I have to tell you I got lost in the website, in a good way, playing around with the options available to me in terms of personalisation. Just look at how much you can choose from...

So I spent AGES having a play around because the best part is, you get to see the design on screen as you make changes. I love this about personalisation. You don't have to imagine what it will look like when it comes and you know it'll be perfect once you've settled on your design. Here's the proof...

Isn't my aBella character FAB?! 

The bag itself came finished with cute touches such as diamante's around the neckline of the t-shirt and on the glass, a ribbon on the bag, blue fizz bubbles painted around the character, a glitter shimmer in her hair and a beautiful black corsage near the handle at the top. My name "JO" was also encased with ombre hearts. I love it! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT! 

If you're worried about the rain and the paintwork, don't. It doesn't run or flake - not even the glitter transferred when I wiped my hand over it. This is a strong, heavy duty jute with a design that cannot go wrong as long as you know what the recipient looks like. A wonderful buy in my opinion, for any time of year - not just for Christmas!

The style's you can choose from are: Heart, Special Moments, Cocktail Glass, Stiletto or Baby Girl/Boy and there is a choice of 8 colours for your text to choose from too. A product for any room or any occasion then! 

Toxic Fox's preview option was excellent in helping me choose my design. I finally settled on a heart shape and went for a family theme in my choice of 10 words. I could move the order of words to what I felt suited the font type. For example Noodles and Doodles (Carson and Finley's nicknames!) were both in the same text type - exactly what I wanted, I just needed to realise it was number 2 and 9 that made it so. Opting for a white frame and green text, it appeared perfect on-screen for my hallway at home by where the pram sits.

This is what came...

As the frame is of a gloss finish and the glass almost sparkles, I'll be the first to admit that my pictures do not so this frame justice - even without the flash, the general light was bouncing off of it making it difficult to capture. But this something that really makes the product stand out. It brings a fresh, bright, modern and personal touch to what was a boring alcove housing the pram.

The frame is deep which adds to it's striking appearance as it almost jumps out at you from the wall and the addition of green and silver stones give it some luxurious bling to boot. A beautifully thoughtful and modern piece of interior design, this is an item you can purchase for anyone, of any generation, for any occasion. 

When you're all out of ideas for your little one and you want something a little different, check out this...

How adorably cute is this baby bottle in the shape of a champagne flute, light-heartedly described as suitable for "the gentleman baby". 

Whilst Finley hasn't quite gotten the hang of holding his own bottle yet, I'm hoping by Christmas or New Year he can celebrate with us, in style! 

Personally, I'd not put milk in as it only holds 140ml and Fin would go bananas wondering where the rest is! Having said that, it's a novelty stocking filler but still perfectly safe to be practical at the dinner table with some sugar-free baby juice or similar. Now, to find his flat cap....

I don't have the time to use a bath bomb with Finley demanding attention, like, ALL the time these days but I will one day get to use this and I can't wait. Is there anything quite as blissful as a fragrant-bombed bath?

The presentation alone ticks all the boxes with regards to stocking fillers. It's big, bright and bold. Oh, and it smells absolutely lush before you've even opened it! To give you an idea of just how large it is, here is is on the seat of my couch, it's almost the depth of the seat.

Considering there are 3 bomb inside this cracker and they normally retail individually at £2.29 each, it is very good value for money in my opinion. Come on, for less than 8 quid are you likely to pick up quite anything as large and as exciting as a cracker filled with berry smelling bath bombs?! 

If any of these take your fancy, you know where to go. Toxic Fox are The Gift Hero's when it comes to finding something specific for your loved one, especially with their handy gift finder and the ability to play about with personalised products online thanks to the preview function.  

Why not take advantage of 10% off your order if you go & take a look now, by using the voucher code: TFBLOG 
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Happy shopping!


  1. The jute bags are cute, though a little pricey. I love the champagne flute baby bottle. I could have done with that a few years ago! Tx

  2. Aww I love the champagne flute for the baby.... so the baby can celebrate in style with the milk still. :-)

  3. The bags are cute slightly pricey though, love the bath cosmetics cracker.


  4. i've seen these bags everywhere! they're a little bit pricey but very cute!


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