I know why Finley's been crying so much... #babybabble

Last week I reported how awesome Finley had been for 2 whole days in the last 3 weeks. Then it went downhill again. I took him the GP and you'll never guess what he was diagnosed with... random chilblains. 


There's me thinking he was chomping on his hand due to teething, and the redness and heat was from doing that. But no. The red swollen hands are chilblains and that is why he's been screaming the house down for weeks on end.

Talk about feeling like a bad parent. 

His right hand, red hot, shiny and swollen

His hands have always gone very red, randomly. I just assumed that was normal - the health visitor tells you that it's not uncommon for baby's hands to be hot/cold, as long as their chest and/or head feel normal then that's OK. I'd taken his temperature many a time the past couple of weeks (in case he had an infection brewing) and that had read absolutely fine each and every time. It did so in the doctors too. 

I tried to argue with the doctor, I must admit. How can it be chilblains when it happens at random times, sat in the house with the heating on. I always thought it was from exposure to dramatic temperature changes. Nonetheless he was adamant it was chilblains and prescribed a steroid cream and a moisturiser (so his skin doesn't split when swollen), ibuprofen and antihistamines. 

Antihistamines are not licensed for prescription to children under 12 months old though, but if I want to purchase and dispense myself it should be OK as they have been tested in 1 month old's and over (this is what I was told!!!) I think I'll pass on that though. Sounds a bit... wrong.

He could hardly move his fingers :(

He's to wear gloves at least one hour before going out, whilst out, and then at least an hour once home too. This is to slow down the temperature change from hot to cold and vice versa. 

I've used the steroid cream just twice so far - I don't like the idea of steroid treatment in such a young baby. Having said that, a tiny smidgen rubbed in and covered by a glove seems to be giving a good day's worth of normality. I've also taken to him wearing gloves 24 hours a day, as you never know when you need to go out, so perhaps it's that which is giving the good results?

Have you ever heard or known of anyone's baby suffering from this? Randomly? Sat indoors with no window open or anything? Because I am honestly baffled. 


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  1. Oh bless him the poor little lamb that must have been so painful, no wonder he was so unhappy! :( I would never have thought about a little one getting chill blains from just being out and about, makes me think I should he putting gloves on little miss!! Glad you know what it is now and there's been some improvement! Xx

  2. Poor little love :( don't feel bad though, whose first thought is that it would be chilblains?! At least he can start to feel batter now :)

  3. Oh bless him! I've never heard of this in babies either, but don't feel bad, I would have thought the same as you. Hope he's feeling better soon x

  4. Oh poor boy, I hope the meds help. Please do not feel like a bad parent I would not have had a clue what that was either. I've never, ever heard of it in babies.

    Jenna at Tinyfootsteps xx


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