My advice? NEVER buy from Mothercare online - EVER!!!

I am sat, in tears, writing this post. Mothercare have no clue what customer service is, in my opinion. Let's see if you agree...

This was my blog's facebook page status on 1st December:

After 4 months my travel system's mechanism has broken, meaning it can't fold.

As it's under their 2 year guarantee, I get in touch for help. But I'm instructed the guarantee stipulates that regardless of it being an online purchase, I must go to store. Um, I'd have bought in store if you were local, wouldn't have bought online.

I can't get to my "local" store as it closed down and the next closest is miles away and, of course, the buggy won't fold so I can't get a lift from anyone. I could attempt a three hour (plus) round trip on several buses, but will likely be asked to fold the pram or wait for the next bus. (Becoming increasingly more common due to xmas shoppers). I can arrange a Hackney Cab to get to nearest store but at a fare of £20+ each way, thats a third of my weekly maternity wage, I just can't do that.

So where does that leave me? Ok so they have said they'll collect instead but:
A. I then forfeit my loan replacement
B. It will take up to 8 WEEKS to be repaired or replaced.

How do I take my eldest child to school? Either he can't go (I will not allow a 6 year old to walk on his own) or my 6m old baby gets left home alone. I could ask friends and family to help out and i'll simply stay at home if it was a few days, a week tops. But 2 months??

They literally, do not care.

I'm paying the ultimate price for a faulty product that is through no fault of my own. (I've googled and it's happened to a fair few others who have this model, not just me. They end up being replaced from what I've seen)

You pay hundreds upon hundreds of pounds expecting quality products. When they go wrong, I'd expect not to be out of pocket or housebound for such a long period of time.

So, share this - tell your expectant friends and family. DO NOT BUY ONLINE WITH MOTHERCARE... Unless, they're within a very comfortable walking distance from you, or you happen to have emergency prams lying about the house.

You've been warned.

I received an email shortly afterwards stating that 3rd December, between 8.30am - 5.30pm my system will be collected. I have waited in all day. The driver arrives at 5.36pm and guess what...

I SPECIFICALLY asked if this would pose a problem in an email sent to them on 28th November and the response was that it could still be collected.


SO not only does Mothercare...

> expect online customers to go to store if they have any issues with prams. Why offer an online service then? Stores are not on everyone's doorsteps.

> have their customers forfeit a loan replacement if they cannot, physically or financially, get to store.

> can take up to 8 weeks to assess a faulty pram

> don't seem fussed that customers are, effectively, housebound if they do not drive or have an emergency pram to hand.

They also provide incorrect information/do not listen to their customers, thus adding 1 full day on to the already hefty "up to 8 weeks" of being stuck indoors, for absolutely no reason whatsoever.

I kept my annoyance with Mothercare as a facebook status initially but I am beyond angry right now hence taking to the blog. You've completely wasted my day for no reason at all. You had the information that it couldn't be boxed, why did you say that it could still be collected?

BE WARY WHEN PURCHASING SOMETHING AS VITAL AS A PRAM ONLINE WITH MOTHERCARE... You are likely to be incredibly sorry if your experience is anything like mine.


  1. Thats a disgrace!! Prams are expensive so seems like once they have your money they no longer care!! Shockingly bad!!! Xx

  2. That is shocking! I hope they do something about the rubbish service x

  3. Was it the orb by any chance? I know a few people who had problems with mothercare! Hope you get it sorted xx

  4. Hun i know ur pain, its not just mothercare its any pram shop online they dont care

  5. Why doesn't this surprise me (sad but true) I no longer shop at Mothercare and I do have one locally, I still won't shop there. They have no idea of customer care and satisfaction. I have heavily pregnant had to queue to use a changing room for a bra fitting for 20 minutes with nowhere to sit down, I have had no end of problems having their items delivered as the courrier they use will not specify a time of delivery (at the time we were both working full time and unable just to stay at home all day with no idea of when our purchase might arrive) my father couldn't even order to store because apparently an item was pre order so this was not an option, basically any interactions I have had with Mothercare have all been a negative experience they certainly do not put the customer first and seem to have little care, understanding or empathy for their key target audience, families! I much prefer Kiddicare they had a local store near us (recently closed down unfortunately) they showed how it's meant to be done! had excellent customer care, support and an amazing range of stock with competitive prices. Most of the products I previously wanted from Mothercare weren't even available in store and they don't keep stock on site. (I'm talking nursery furniture here) I don't know how the chain survives, the live off being one of the original child/ family stores is the only reason I think they're still around. If I was you take this higher, write to the H/O an official complaint and post this to their facebook page also, it's not acceptable the way you've been treated and I'm sorry it's come to having to write about this on your blog to vent and get this off your chest, feel for you x

  6. Omg... This is disgraceful! I hate having to deal with any company because that always seem so incapable of training their staff properly

  7. Disgusting way to treat customers!

  8. Absolutely disgustingly horrendous hun xx

  9. that is literally shocking im so glad you have made me aware hope youre ok!

  10. This is disgusting behaviour by mothercare! I too order my pram through Mothercare online and had numerous problems. It never showed up and it took me Almost a month to get through to their stupid online support team to send another! Then when it did turn up it was faulty so like you had to wait over a month to get it fixed! I can't fault their in store team but their online service is appalling! Xx

  11. This is disgusting. We had a failing mechanism on our mothercare buggy. We were local to store and got a replacement. I had to moan as they wanted to give me a cheap stroller for loan, when my one was an off road er suspension pushchair and that was what I needed. I eventually got a pushchair instead of a stroller and it was repaired. I can't imagine being in your position and stuck.... ill be sharing on as this is not on.

  12. How awful! They definitely need some customer service lessons

  13. Oh no! I hope this is resolved soon lovey X

  14. That's awful, no wonder you are so upset, hope you feel better soon and thank you for the warning.


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