To see or not to see?

When pregnant with Carson, I actively sought to discover his sex prior to birth. I was a new mum, excited, impatient... whatevs... It was my prerogative!

This time round though, I feel so, so, different. Maybe it's because I'm more mature in that I can wait, I don't simply have to know. I'm struggling at the moment, against both Carson and Daddy, in that the majority rules in my family - usually (muahaha!)

My way of thinking isn't a particularly normal way of thinking, or so it feels. I have the boy - I would like a girl for my second, naturally. However, if I have the sexing scan and find out that it is a boy - will I be as disappointed as I fear I might? What kind of a mother would I be if I could possibly be 'disappointed' by the sex of my child? That's what I'm worried about. However, If this birth is anything like Carson's and after 23 hours of hard labour I have a bouncing baby boy in my arms... it is pretty safe to say that 'disappointment' will be the last thing anyone would utter or think.

So for the avoidance of doubt, I'm best not knowing... right?

What did you decide on? Please share your stories, or your blog links, in the comments box xx


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