Heartbeats and onions...

Had my first midwife appointment at my local GP surgery today. Felt new. Everything made me feel like a lost child, clutching the campus map, on the first day of high school. Weird, hey? I've been here before... what was different?
I was worrying being different for nothing! The midwife was so lovely even when I told her I missed the pot for my urine sample. I blame nerves lol. Actually, she advised that the best way to collect pee was in a margarine tub before then pouring it into those stupidly skinny sample pots!  After taking my blood pressure she warned that, at 16 weeks, it's not uncommon to fail at 'listening in' for the heartbeat so most mums choose to wait until the 20 week scan. The decision was mine and, as I've been feeling more than just flutters recently, I decided to give it a go - on a promise I wouldn't go into a hormonal rage/tantrum/cryfest!

Anyway... Today, I got to hear baby's heartbeat for the first time (wooo!!)

We recorded it for Carson to listen to when we got home and he was in awe. So much so that he wanted to talk to me when I was in the bath tonight, and was pouring water over bump, nattering away, "Hiya baby, can you hear me? I'm your brother Carson!" I felt a great bond with him all over again tonight and have taken the decision to bring him to my 20wk scan given that the most risky period is over. I told him and he's unbelievably excited... but want's me to find out what we're having. NO!! (This is for another post!)

In other news... ONIONS!!

I swear I'm going crazy... I can smell onions on my hands ALL THE TIME! Even when I was in the bath tonight, I scratched my nose and caught the whiff again. I've asked others, they can't smell it on me (lets hope they're not lying to me - oh my gosh the shame!)

Pregnancy really plays tricks on you, eh?

Did you experience this? I good old Googled and found others in the same predicament but not really much of an answer other than our senses of smell are more heightened, or that I must have prepared onions recently - which isn't the case.

I'd love to hear of any quirky stories you might have xx

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  1. Haha love the onions comment, I could smell lobster everywhere I went. I work in a restaurant and one day it made me feel really ill serving a lobster to a customer. After that day I coukd smell lobster everywhere. Bad times!


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