Can you successfully comp part time?

 *To those who don't 'comp' and are wondering what I'm bambling on about, it's simply entering competitions.*

Firstly, I only enter comps to win for myself or my friends/family for example; I won a corner suite couch in April with the intention of gifting it my parents and I only went and won!! They were absolutely thrilled with it and I felt bloody good too!!

Secondly, I never sell winnings either, a) it's too much hassle but b) it's quite rude, I find. Why enter a comp for something that you don't give a monkeys about if someone else would really appreciate winning it instead?

Thirdly, it's a numbers game - you have to put the work in.

When I fell pregnant, I was hardly functioning as a human being for the first 3 months. Not only did Candy bloody Crush finally seem easy to drop, but so did comping, and much to my surprise too because it really can be addictive.
I entered probably 10 or 20 on twitter in the whole time and on one occasion I entered approx 40 via Prizefinder website. I didn't win a bean. When I started to feel better, I entered a couple every now and then but on Sunday just gone I thought right... back to it and spent about 2 hours finding and entering competitions. Lo and Behold.. I won my first comp in months on Monday, courtesy of Very_Photo on Twitter, it was a Crayola pack. How cool!! Was it luck or was it the effort I put in to it?

I see the same people on twitter entering comps every day. It's kinda nice to know you're part of a crew!! But the people I see putting the effort in, are the people I see winning.

So, I just wanted to know if anyone wins a lot of things without really entering many comps? Or is it a second job for most?


  1. It's great to see another comper blogging, I used to comp part time when I worked & still had some great prizes coming in, I know people who do it for a couple of hours a day & they have some great wins. I comp a lot more now that I have the chance, those little surprises that arrive are great.

  2. I too only enter for things I want for myself, family or close friends. I find it can become really quite time consuming just doing comps for stuff I really want - I haven't the time to enter for stuff to sell and I do think it's rather mean spirited to do so - although if someone is desperately hard up I can't knock someone for selling wins to feed their family.

  3. I comp part-time now - only for the things I want for myself or for presents. Sometimes enter specifically for someone else in mind. Before I went back to work I used to win something every week! I confess, I did sell somethings I didn't need at bargain prices. I'm OK with that. Good luck with your comping!


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