*Review* Stone Bridge Hair Accessories

I received an exciting email a couple of weeks ago from a company I currently 'like' on Facebook and follow on Twitter called Stone Bridge. They saw my hair handling hoo-hahs that I often write about and offered to send me a couple of items for the purpose of reviewing on my blog. 

Arrived beautifully packaged 
First a little something about the company itself, Stone Bridge offers something a little more different than the average hair accessory. They are made to suit your precise hair type, which should mean no more loose and useless clamps or overly tight claws giving you an unnatural facelift (c'mon, we've all been there!)

I was a little sceptical firstly as although my hair is fine, there is a lot of it, so it makes for difficult styling in that any 'up do' will usually fall due to the weight and a 'down do' is often flyaway with volume being an impossibility without heavy back-combing and a cemented still with hairspray.

Up first was the Super Comfy Half Inch Headband in Pale Plum (rrp £25) suitable for all hair types.

When I saw how much these retail at I was wondering why, or rather who, would pay so much money for a hair band. But I didn't let this stand in my way of reviewing this product fairly. It is way out of my usual price range for items such as these.

You can see from the pictures that the band has a very smooth finish in a kind of marble/pearlised design. There are no rough edges that will catch in your hair at all, and although it has a stiffness, it is flexible to your head shape - no manipulating the band hoping it doesn't snap whilst you do it!

The colour is one I wouldn't usually have chosen but the good people at Stone Bridge advised it would suit my hair colour and skin tone, which I actually do agree with having worn it on several occasions and received a great deal of compliments.

The comfort of this item is true to it's namesake. It is super duper comfy. You know when you wear a cheap headband and you get those pain behind the backs of your ears from the pressure of the band? This doesn't happen whatsoever with this product. You simply cannot feel it!

I have a wispy fringe, I usually have to use a kirby grip to slide it to by my ears. You can see from my pictures that once you put the band in place, any hair under it holds like a dream, just ease as much or as little out as you like using a fishtail comb or your fingers.

Next up I had this beautiful Cadre Rectangle Tortoiseshell Claw in Silver Shell.(rrp £33) suitable for fine to medium weight hair.

Again, a bit pricey compared to what I would usually look at, but you have to appreciate the workmanship that's gone into creating this item. It is stunning.
One thing I noticed was how tight this claw closes, I under-estimated how much force you needed to open this at first. I thought 'uh-oh... it's going to give me a face lift!'

I twisted my hair and clamped it up, expecting it to be far too tight, but wow! You just can't feel it in! Honestly, it was weightless and held my style just as I wanted it to - not too tight and not too loose.

It has a sort of 'window' on either side so you can still see the majority of your style, as well as the beautiful hair accessory itself. I hate it when people have a large claw clamp just stuck to the back of their head and you can't see any hair - just get a short back and sides if that's the look you want! (Quite nasty of me really, actually just surprised myself there - but it's true!)

Okay, so honest opinions now:
> Beautifully made
> Comfort to the maximum
> Holds styles perfectly
> Stunningly gorgeous!
>Tad pricey but you really do get what you pay for here.


Have you guys found the ultimate when it comes to hair accessories?  
What are your thoughts on Stone Bridge Range?


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