My Nail Obsession!

Barry M Cyan Blue (294) , Matt White (66) spots

My nail obsession hasn't been with me for long... in fact, probably since Easter of this year. I don't know what it is about nails that has suddenly taken my fancy either.

I mean, c'mon, it takes ages filing them, removing old polish, base coat, perfecting the left handed application to your most often forwarded hand! Then there's the pattern - if you choose one, followed by a top coat. Oh, and then you have to wait for a good while before you dare scratch your head or pull your pants up for fear of smudging.

MUA Black (shade 2) Barry M Gold Effects (321)

Of course, once you've mastered this, there is then the pain of ensuring you don't chip the bloomin' things before it's time to restart the whole shabbang again!

But somehow, I enjoy it. It's therapy in the mildest form.

I have something to concentrate on that's not regarding work, the ironing, sorting out Carson's friend's a present for the next birthday party he's been invited to, it's not weight related. It is a simple escape from all that is pressing on my mind.

We women (sorry guys!) are all too good at multitasking, but nail painting is something that has to be done on it's own, with a clear mind. Even taking a half hour soak in the bath leads me to multitasking in one way or another - twitter on the mobile, magazine reading, wondering when my belly will be below the water line... it just never ends!
 Barry M Matt White (66) and MUA Nail Quake (Quiver)

I've a couple of photo's I wanted to upload throughout this post and give my 'verdict' on some of the best polishes that I've come across in the past few months.

The majority, in fairness, have been Barry M. I like the thin brush. I know some prefer a wide stroke so as not to overload the nail but personally, I find it far too easy to make mistakes and end up with 'globs'. I rarely have the typical chipping as well. This may be down to the trust base/top coat that I also use from Barry M!

w7 Fluorescent Pink (14)

Aside from the w7 Fluorescent Pink (LEFT), I do prefer to have an 'effect' over the top of my base colours. My main reason is because I simply cannot master the smooth "no ripple" application. I've yet to find a 'bubble-less' or perfectly smooth polish that is suitable for non-experts such as myself.

Barry M Matt White 66 & Pink Nail Effects 314

How about you? 

Got any recommendations?

I hope you enjoy taking a look and maybe trying a few yourself. 

 I borrowed the yellow and purple base from a friend.  Barry M  Pink Nail Effects 314.


  1. Your nails are absolutely gorgeous :D I've never tried Barry M polishes before but very tempted after reading this!
    Louise xx

  2. You should do, they're so easy to apply - like I said, I think it's the thin brush. Got great staying power too! xx

  3. Anything glittery..I'm a sucker for a glitter nail polish and that started with Barry M's red one!
    Your nails are so neat!!!

  4. Thanks hun - I am practising at my neatness every single day ha! I'll have to delve into the glitter ones again i think xx

  5. I love the one with yellow! :)

    anyways.. saw you on twitter. from #bbloggers. :)
    i hope you can also check my blog out.

    ps. i have an ongoing international giveaway! celebrate my birthday with me by joining. yeah?! :)

  6. haha candy hand lol I love nail polish too Barry M are so so good! x

  7. I am obsessed with nail polish! I never thought to buy the cracked nail effects as I didn't think they'd look nice, but wow!


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