*Review* Batiste Dry Shampoo

I was kindly sent 3 varieties of Batiste dry shampoo to test at the end of July. I have really taken my time to use and review these items as, well, being one for washing my hair everyday (usually) I was finding it a little difficult to get to grips with at first and wanted to make sure I was being fair, not frustrated!

I have just past shoulder length hair and although there is a lot of it, it is very fine. It leaves up-do's as the only option on most occasions as a down style will fall and drastically fail. Back combing is such a pain and very time consuming - something I just don't have a lot of.

I was sent the coconut scented one (as I usually use a coconut scent shampoo - I thought that would be the safer transition!) Along with the brunette variety and XXLVolume - both perfect for my hair predicament!

As I briefly touched upon before, At first, I'm not going to lie, I found it difficult to blend in correctly. And even when I did, my hair felt "tacky" like, well, grease and powder!

However, after 3 or 4 uses, I was beginning to see where I was going wrong. The label instructions on the can, although correct, are not quite clear enough for a serial hair washer like myself.

XXL: Ok,so not styled, but certainly not greasy: RESULT!
In my case, It's separate the hair into 2 inch chunks and direct spray at the root but with a distance of 30cm. 2. Tip head upside down and rub vigorously (handy hint: upside down head helps residue fall to floor, not on clothing!) and 3. Use fingers to style - or a thick bristled brush, combing or using a standard plastic bristle brush made for more 'tack' feeling and also started a very feint grey colouring, like the powder has become stuck (although I couldn't be sure... it might have been mine?!)

I was able to wear my hair on the side when I was using Batiste - something that is usually an impossibility due to my fine hair failing to hold. You can from the picture that it does look quite impressive and keeps a healthy shine about the barnet - not a grease slick.

COCONUT: Side do was possible!
Good grief, I'm making it sound like I'm an oil making machine, the way I'm commenting on grease! Bottom line is, I need to wash my hair every day. So having taken my time to get to grips with Batiste, I was slowly but surely gaining a God-Send!

I found the actual performance between the three varieties were equal, despite one of them claiming added benefits of  XXL Volume. I felt all three created it XXL Volume anyway so it should be incorporated in to each name - for me.

I used the brunette shade on a day when my greys were bothering me. I was very surprised at how natural it looked. I was concerned I'd look like a Just for Men customer gone wrong - especially with my earlier experiences of  the 'tacky' feel. However I was pleasantly surprised and again, was able to wear my hair in a side messy bun. The increase in natural volume (i.e without heated appliances) was also a fantastic benefit. My straighteners have recently blown up (no, seriously - blew up!) and I'm not the worlds best blow-wave expert either. My fringe usually sort of sits flat if I don't use hairspray and heat, but Batiste allows for a natural look without either.

In all, once you've practised the application, Batiste is the best thing you could have in your bargain beautifying regime. It reduces the need for heat when styling, you don't need hairspray/mousse as Dry Shampoo doubles up, plus you save a wedge and a half when it comes to shampoo/conditioner - especially if you usually wash every day. You get rewarded for your patience, and with practice you can complete an entire 'hair-do' in just minutes.

There is NO difference with regards to the added volume after application. XXL is the same as the Tropical and Brunette and you get a good, quality ooomph every time!

I feel sorry that I've mentioned my 'awkwardness' with this product at first and I hope it's not put people off, purely for the fact that it really does work. Sometimes though, not everyone can see the obvious from the off :-s

I've checked out how much these would be to buy, I make it approx. £3.99 per variety for the 200ml size as I was originally sent.

My total score is be 9/10...  Marking this product down for just one reason, the fact I had to persist in practice. Eventually, I'm left with a gift from Hair Heaven!


  1. I knew you'd love it! Seriously can not live without this. I see you used my head upside trick too lol! Oh and we sell it in work for 1.49 for a 150ml can xx

  2. yep! upside down is the biggest handy hint ever when it comes to dry shampoo! thanks trace :-) xx PS 1.49 omg cheeeap! 3.99 for the 200ml in boots and superdrug etc xx

  3. Thanks for the information / review. Good that you tried a range, in order to compare. Tips for use appreciated.

    Rachel Craig

  4. I lovve Batiste dry shampoos. I've only ever used the same one though, so thanks for the review; I'll try something different next time.

  5. you can't beat batiste they are so good if you need a quick fix, a proper staple product xxxx

  6. I love dry shampoo. Couldn't live with out it

  7. I was nervous about using Dry Shampoo the first time in case anyone could tell! But it is brilliant. I don't rely on it but it does give your hair a good boost when needed.

  8. This is one of my essentials. I absolutely love Bastiste, and I've tried other alternatives, and they are simlpy no match. Also I'm blonde so it helps when my roots are coming through!! Haha :)

    - A


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