Why You Don't Have To Move When You Want Kids


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Soooo you love your home, but you want kids... Unfortunately, it just doesn't feel big enough to raise children in your current flat or house, so you start searching for new places. A big percentage of parents-to-be do this as soon as they find out they're pregnant, which means you're not alone. Although the initial buzz of moving is exciting, it doesn't mean you're doing the right thing. In many ways, you could be rushing into something you assume is the correct move when, in fact, staying put would be beneficial.

How do you tell what the best option is? Check out these reasons not to move when you want children.

House Prices

If you thought the pandemic might have slowed the housing market, you were mistaken. According to forecasts, the market has grown since the end of the summer, even if only by a small amount. Throw into the mix the average cost of having a baby - £74,333 in the UK for a child up to eighteen - and the fact your job could be less secure, and it might not be the smartest time to up sticks and leave to a new property at the moment.

Space Savers

What's the main reason you feel as if you must move? It's the lack of space. Attempting to raise a kid in a property that's barely big enough for two is a daunting task. However, when your resources are limited, moving isn't always an option. Plus, it's amazing how much space you can save if you're creative. There are tonnes of ways to make your home less cluttered, from kids bunk beds to multipurpose furniture. Let's face it - new furniture is cheaper than a new mortgage!

The Stress

Moving is a stressful experience for all the family. Whether it's you or your child, you're bound to suffer from high cortisol levels. For pregnant women, this is incredibly dangerous as you need to be as relaxed and calm as possible to ensure your unborn baby's health. Therefore, moving before giving birth could be an unnecessary gamble. This is particularly true if you can manage to get by until you have the funds to move and the right mindset. There are ways to limit the exposure if you already have children, yet you won't eliminate all the drama.

The Nesting Instinct

The "nesting instinct" is a scientific theory that pregnant women require control over their environment. Without it, it might be harder to get through pregnancy and labour trauma because you don't feel as if you are in charge. Research suggests the behaviour is tough to stop as it's genetic, making it almost impossible to curb. Therefore, it's smarter to be in an environment you understand and trust, such as your current home, since it'll make you feel safer and more secure.

Moving is a necessary evil for many parents. However, there are several reasons to stay put, including not having the money and avoiding needless stress.

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